Monday, August 11, 2014

ModCloth Nail Klub Dress Challenge

 Because I thought it'd be cool to look thorough what seems like Thousands of Dresses online and have one inspire me I agreed to take part in ModCloth's Nail Klub Dress Challenge.. haha honestly not sure what the real name of it is but I was feeling like I needed a mini challenge and since we all know I've been pretty absent around here I decided to take the challenge. Here's a link to a few other dress inspired manicure's from Modcloth on their blog. Okay So Seriously they have hundreds of Dresses. There's a lot of inspiration to pick from for Nail manicures however I've always been a lover of white, black and red together.  I love how the red in this dress is just the right amount of pop of color. I was at work and although I have a major stash of polish there I knew for a fact I wouldn't have any problems finding polishes to do this manicure with. I decided to put a Matte coat on top to mimic the fabric. I did like it shiny as well so I did throw in a picture of it all shiny so you guys can see it. I had fun and don't be surprised if you see other fashion inspired manicure from me in the future. 

I'm not affiliated with ModCloth in anyway I just thought it'd be fun to participate. 

Link to Dress Info

Polishes used: Butter London Union Jack Black, Azature Faint White Diamond , Azature Ruby Diamond, and Nubar Matt Finish Top Coat.

 One Last look at the inspiration Dress

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Coy Makeup For Nailtini (The Lacquer Cabinet)

Press Sample

You know the good thing about not having posted for some time is I've accumulated a major backlog of nail pictures so just a heads up since I change my nail shape and length pretty often there will be a major mix of nail shapes and lengths for a while. I hope you don't mind... Will make things interesting for sure!

Okay so today I decided it was time to post something about The Lacquer Cabinet. It's a Subscription Box Service by Nailtini and for $25 a box you get three full sized polishes that are curated by special guest mixologists, Manly bloggers, make up arts, even Nail It Magazine. You can do it monthly and you can also go back and buy kits from previous months as long as they still have stock. Seriously It's a great value since the shipping is included.... now I don't  know how it works for international gals but I know that is true for the US. Today's Post is a look at the collection that Coy Makeup mixed up.  

Here's the descriptions off the website for the colors in this kit:

Cement Mixer - creamy pale grey with a hint of purple, reminiscent of legendary villainess Ursula’s pallor
Venom - rich, inky black shot with subtle shimmer, inspired by Sarah’s epic makeup look of the same name
Bottle Green - deep jewel green, like the bottle that holds the finest champagne and inspired by the envy and complexion of Maleficent

I did a super quick and easy "Saran Wrap/ dabbed polish on with the brush" method for these. I didn't expect these colors to look so good together but I seriously was in awe when I was done. There was so much depth to this that I kept staring at my nails a little too much... haha hence the picture of my nails and my glass of water :D No issues with the formula they went on very nicely. Here's a link to where you can find more info about this collection. 

Also Be sure to be on the look out for the January Kit... Yours Truly is the special guest Mixologist that month!! Now I seriously have to figure out which three colors I wanna bring to life via Nail Polish ... 
Any suggestions on polish colors you'd like to see in a collection together??

Monday, June 30, 2014

Tryin' to get my Groove Back / Ballerina Nails

First of all I feel so bad for not posting anything since I launched my blog sale a few months back. I am beyond lucky, I had over 100 packages I sent out!!! The whole process looking back was a lot of work from listing all the polishes to invoicing to packing and shipping.... I'm shocked I went through with it all!  So a big Thank you to you guys for all the support you've shown me even if you didn't buy anything I appreciate folks just checking it out. I did very well and as my husband kept pointing out to me that I didn't really make any money off the sale since I bought all the crap I sold, but it's still money back in my pocket!!! It's been a great boost in helping me pay down my debt that I racked up on house renovations and I haven't been buying like I have in the past so I've been good and actually working on paying stuff off. I'm happy to say that I have one more payment on my card and I'm back to a blank slate!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

Because I've been so "Well Behaved" I decided I need a break from work and house renovations so I booked my Trip to Vegas this year for Cosmoprof to help me really kickstart some life back into my blog. I know I went last year and I was hoping to breathe life back into the blog then but the reality was that we were still super knee deep in house stuff that it just wasn't possible. I'm happy to say that while we are still working on the house there is an actual end in sight. It still might be a good 2 months before we move but we are now closer than ever. I no longer spend hours researching bathroom designs and searching for the perfect tiles. The bathrooms are both designed and we are almost done tiling them  which means we aren't too far along from getting the floors refinished and moving in!! So I will be making an effort to start blogging again. I have been rather active on Instagram and I love how quick and easy it is but I do miss being active on the blogging platform because it's how I started. I miss editing pictures for hours... haha okay that's pushing it. I need to pull myself outta this funk and recommit myself. It's because of blogging here on that has brought me so many opportunities and friends around the globe that I'm a fool for not paying attention to that and I've left so many of you in the dark. I'm planning my comeback and for those that are still around thank you you won't be sorry that you still follow me!! okay Ramble much??? haha so since a post doesn't feel like a post without pictures I'll go ahead and share just a few just cause I can.

So I decided to try this new shape out since it's something I've never tried and while I'm not a huge fan of it I did find out it's got a few names and one of them is ballerina nails so naturally how cute would it be to do ballet shoes nail art with this shape. So I did.  I used Zoya Barbie since it's the perfect girly pink and I grabbed a random cover girl shimmer .. sorry can't remember the name just to make it sparkle a little. This shape is also called coffin, and squareletto. haha I admit I was thinking of doing coffin nails but this just seemed a little more pleasant.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys very soon!!!

I figured I'd throw in a house picture. The top picture is the actual MLS house listing picture from when we first saw it online. Bottom is what it looks like today after our various touches to it. Sometimes it feels like we haven't done much since we've been working on it for over two years but when I see pictures like this it's pretty clear that yes we have done a lot. There's still work to be done but We've come a long way!!! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Manicure Addict Massive Blog Sale Rules

My Blog Sale is finally OPEN!!!

Here's where you can find the actual Blog Sale

All Orders and/or Questions must be emailed to
Please include your paypal address along with your zip code

Please read Blog Sale Rules below

I never thought I would get to this point but after working on a house renovation for the past two years I've slowly loosened up my grip on all the polishes and make up. Fixing up a place from the bottom up has not been cheap!! It's become crystal clear to me that at this point in my life I rather have the extra money and pay off some of the debt I've gathered while renovating, than to have all the stuff I have. Plus this way I don't have to buy the 6th helmer I desperately need. I'm cutting my collection dramatically in half if not more.  Putting it towards the house makes more sense then to hoard all the polishes. The whole process hasn't been easy but here we are and I'm excited about rehoming all these items into new loving homes. I appreciate all the support and everyone's patience. There were so many days I thought I'd never get it all done but I am finally here letting you guys know that I really am serious about selling and It's time to let go and get these babies into hands that will show them more love than I have!! But I gotta admit working on posting all these items made me want to keep them all!!

I do have some basic general rules for the sale. It's wishful thinking on my end to think that this will all launch and go super smoothly but I have to be realistic and due to the massive size of this sale I do realize that some people may get upset in the process. The only way I can handle this is to make it First come first serve based on the order of the emails that come. I know a lot of people suggested I use Store Envy to sell items however they have a limit of 500 items and well I really wanted to get it all done and posted. With over 1300 pins and close to 1600 items for sale Pinterest was the only place I could get it done! So I will apologize in advance for any hiccups that may occur.

I am going to impose an order minimum of $10 before Shipping. That is something I will consider lifting at a later date. As you can imagine I am possibly looking at packing and shipping a lot of packages and well I think it's fair at this point to ask that.

The sale is open to everyone and I will offer International shipping. With that said for all the international shipments, Shipping will be calculated at time of order. I cannot be held responsible for any lost packages, broken items or Custom issues/fees. I will do my best to pack all items very safely and securely.

For All US order Shipping will be $2.50 for first item and then 50 cents for each extra item. For orders with more items USPS Flat Rate shipping will be offered in either the small flat rate box $5.00 or Medium Flat rate Box $12 based on amount ordered. I rather everyone focus on getting the polishes they want than having to worry too much about shipping costs. On larger items or bigger orders I do ask for time to calculate Actual Shipping costs. For those orders I will provide those costs and allow you to decide if you are okay with those costs. I will do my best to figure out the cheapest shipping method available for each order.

All Payments will be collected via Paypal. Because I expect a good bit of transactions via paypal I will not be asking for any payments to be gifted since I don't want to get in trouble with paypal. With that said I won't be charging the 3% paypal fees to anyone but if anyone would like to pay extra to take care of those charges I won't stop you!! haha As you guys already know all the money I make from this is going right back into my house and will either be spent towards finishing the bathrooms or toward refinishing the hardwood floors. (on a side note you know how some places do donation bricks where you donate money they engrave your name on one of the bricks... haha if I could I totally would do that with my house ... j/k I'm not that desperate :D) Just know that any sale is going to be greatly appreciated!!

To Sum it up! 
1.First come First Serve
2.Order Minimum $10 before Shipping
3. Open Internationally not responsible for any lost, damaged, custom issues, Buy at your own risk.
4. US Shipping is 2.50 for first item, 50 cents after that. Will offer Flat rate shipping, Larger orders or orders with larger items shipping will be calculated. 
5. No Paypal Fees charges but Donations to cover charges will be excepted :P
6. Actual bottle pictures can be requested if needed
8. All Sales Final


*Grand Prize items were sent to me by the companies, I did not purchase any of these items*
a few may have been swatched

*Prize 1. Grand Prize includes:
Katie Cazorla Color Flash Nails Nail Pod with 2 Instant Nail Colors
Zoya Nail Polish Cashmeres Collection
Azature Nail Polish: Sky Diamond , Blue Diamond and a Signed LE White Diamond
Revlon Nail Art Expressionist: Ulterior Motif, Pop Art, Silhouette, Jackson Polish, Pinkcasso,  &Vincent van Gold
Orly French Manicure Duo Kit
Cult Nails In a Trance & Awakening
Inglot Sparkling Nail Art #90 &94 & Nail & Body Art Spangles #22 & #26
Morgan Taylor From Paris with Love & Stick with it Base
Nailtini Dry Gin Top Coat & Cocktail Napkins polish remover squares
Nubar Matte Finish Top coat
Color Club Wicker Park
Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun
KB Shimmer Plum Tuckered Out & Glass Nail File
Jaded Nail Co Golden Showers bring Flowers & Pink Pussy Cat
Serum No5 Girl's BFF
Lumina Lacquer Moon Child
Black Luna Lacquer Smoke
Trelly's Misc Polish Stay Sweet

*This Grand prize is only open to US Readers, However if Rafflecopter picks an international reader they will have the option to accept prize but will be responsible for shipping costs, Also will not be responsible for any issues package may go through being shipped out of the states.

Prize 2:
 $50 Store Credit To Manicure Addict Blog Sale

Prize 3:
 $25 Store Credit To Manicure Addict Blog Sale

Prize 4:
 $10 Store Credit To Manicure Addict Blog Sale

Store Credit Prizes are open to all readers.
For use in Manicure Addict Blog Sale only. Shipping is not included with the store credit but store credit maybe used towards shipping if desired. Also store credit can be used for any purchases that have been made since giveaway ends after initial store opening.
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