Friday, August 23, 2013

Manicure Addict at Cosmoprof 2013 (Pic Heavy)

It's been a little over a month now since Cosmoprof 2013 and yes I'm a total slacker! I seriously did not plan on going this year. You guys know I've been busy painting and working on the house these past few months and there really wasn't a budget for me to even think about going. Well after paying for the roofing material and helping put the roofing up I needed a break and I thought to hell with it I'm going to Vegas, Cosmoprof here I come.

For those of you know who aren't familiar with what Cosmoprof is it is one of the world's largest beauty trades shows that is geared towards the professional industry. It's where companies display their latest and greatest and get an opportunity to meet with potential buyers or distributors. So many people come out that you are bound to make some excellent connections.  I've been to my share of trade shows for my real job but I can easily say the tooling industry has nothing on the Beauty, it just isn't as glamorous!  I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to go and walk the show as a member of the media. Now I've been before back in 2011 and this year just seemed so much bigger and I felt overwhelmed and unprepared, haha you'd think since i've been before I'd be a seasoned pro but the truth is this year I really felt like I could have used an extra day to really see all that there was to see. This year they had a record attendance, the largest they've ever had and there was close to almost 900 Exhibitors. I'm not joking when I said it's the largest beauty trade show!

First time around I came to vegas, I brought my husband and we made a whole trip out of it. This time I left the husband at home to keep working on the house and replaced him with someone I've often ran into online, my good buddy Mimi from . It didn't take much convincing on my part to talk Mimi into coming... It was more like hey I'm going to Cosmoprof, wouldn't it be great if we could be roommates? She lives in CA I live in SC there's no way I would have ever met with her or any of the other amazing folks I had the opportunity of meeting were it not for Cosmoprof.

I won't bore you with all the details of the Vegas trip like how the first place I had to go eat at was In and Out Burger. However I do have to say that because of Cosmoprof there was an outstanding group of Nail people that flocked to Vegas and I was fortunate enough to be one of them. I got the chance to meet so many people I've talked to online for years. There was so much I saw while I was there but below are my highlights of the show. 

First night in vegas we had a dinner which included Nail Bloggers, Indie Polish makers, and Polish Stockists. How did I get so lucky to have been around so many creative people!
Photo Credit to Mimi from

The next night there was another get together for those who weren't able to make it the first night.
Photo Credit to Victoria from

My first stop at Cosmoprof was to meet up with Gelish. They gave us a preview of their newest collection and a few upcoming lines. It was so interesting speaking with a company about gel polish because back in 2011 Gel Polish was strictly marketed to the professional world and it was just one of those eh I have no interest in it it's too complicated. Well fast forward 2 years later and Here was Gelish embracing bloggers and wanting to talk to us. They provided me with a whole beginners kit, which included a LED Light and three polishes from the summer collection above.  I've never played with gels before but I was so excited to try it that I pretty much pulled out the kit and gave myself a gel manicure the next day in the hotel room. I'll post a separate post about my experience with the gels but I gotta say I'm super happy this is a product that is available to the public and can be easily found in Sally's beauty supply across the US. It's no longer a strictly pro product. 

After I got done with Gelish I got the opportunity to meet with Morgan Taylor Nail Polish. It is a branch off of the Gelish Nail Harmony brand. I was excited to find out that name is actually after the two inspirations for the line, the two daughters of the founders of the company . I got to meet Morgan and Taylor and I wish I took a picture with them because they were super sweet and I envy them for having been raised around the nail polish community. This is a pro polish that is currently only available in pro stores and salons. I'm secretly hoping this brand will become more available for us Nail Polish lovers because there are so many shades they've released that are just new and refreshing. It almost seems like that's not possible to do especially for a new line but they managed to release over 60 new shades and there were a lot that just had a super fresh spin on them. You guys know my collection is massive and I still managed to find shades that I didn't own. They provided me with several bottles so hopefully in the near future I'll share those with you because they really are gorgeous colors!

Of course I made a stop over to Orly. They had a lovely event where they unveiled the actual painting of Jeff Pink, the Founder of Orly, they've been using in their latest campaign. There was a very lovely tribute video that his Daughter put together and guys I was borderline in tears it was just so touching and it really got me exciting for the upcoming Orly Collections. It all Started with Pink is such a clever slogan for them and It's just true on so many levels! 

I was most excited about these two!!  Me likely Flakies... but I gotta admit just pull out any flakie you own and put a matte top coat on it... same effect.. but still I'm totally buying these when they show up at Sally's! 

NCLA is a brand I was happy to see at Cosmoprof this year. I didn't know much about them but I've been seeing them blow up on instagram. It was a real pleasure just meeting the girls and hearing how they came about. I actually stopped by the booth twice since they were so much fun to just chat with. They are lovely girls and they've accomplished so much in a relatively small amount of time. This is definability a company where you can see their hard work and countless hours have been paying off. I didn't take any pictures of their wraps or the new wraps based on the clueless movie but I'm sure a lot of you have seen the amazing designs NCLA incorporates into their wraps. There really aren't many companies out there that make me drool over nail wraps like they do!

No Cosmoprof show would be complete without a visit to see China Glaze.  There is so much excitement going on there that my head pretty much exploded from all that they have coming up. First of all they have jumped on the bandwagon and released Gelaze which is their spin on gel polish. They took their top 36 selling shades and gelled them up!! The bottles are so cute they are actually powder coated with the shade and they look fantastic, the collector in me wants to buy them all just to have to bottles. Gel polish can't be exposed to light since well light cures it so it's usually in a light proof bottle so I love how they designed these bottles. They also released a few Gel Therapy polishes for those who feel they need extra help or just want a good nail treatment. A lot of the collections they shared with us are still top secret but don't worry soon enough you'll see some of the goods that China Glaze has in store for us. Believe me there's some stunning polishes in our future!! 

A lot of you are Familiar with Seche Vite since well it's like one of the greatest top coats out there well They are now getting into color and it is marketed towards older women and The "Seche Women" as they referred to her is a little more mature and the colors aren't so vibrant and bold but honestly I sorta zoned out when they were giving me the whole who the seche women is because I was just shocked to hear that these are 1 coaters... I mean look at how saturated those colors are. I still have yet to try these and i'm always skeptical when I hear 1 coater since well I've just never really come across a polish that looks great and done at 1 coat. But Seriously they have a lot more shades they are releasing and regardless if you're this "Seche Women" or not you're gonna like them. I'm a polish hoarder I like every and all colors. Seche is really bringing some awesome colors to the table! 

Someone Pinch Me! This is the one and only Zoya holding up a pair of earrings I gave her as a little gift. Btw The lovely Madamluck made them for me and they are little Zoya bottles painted in the zoya shade Aurora. When I first met Zoya I was instantly filled with so much respect for her and I felt like I was in the presence of true greatness... haha which is totally true!! I knew if I ever got the chance to meet her again I had to thank her by giving her something as a token of my appreciation. She's created such an outstanding Nail Polish empire and when you meet her she's down to earth and her vanity is something that takes a backseat. She is worldly and very perspective! When she speaks she speaks with purpose and she loves to pass on her knowledge. This year Zoya didn't have a full booth out on the floor they were in the back and just did private meetings. They did hold a little meet and great with Zoya for a few hours for us bloggers. The next day Mimi actually set up an appointment since she never met Zoya before and me and Melissa from the Daily Nail tagged along. I kid you not when I say Zoya sat with us for several hours and just talked with us. That is one of my highlights of my trip. Zoya is talkative!! hah We started off talking about how Nail Polish is not just a bottle of Nail Polish and how it has so many different meaning to people. How it brings people together and how it's like a pair of shoes it always fits regardless of size. We then ventured into how polish affects different culture, china and india were discussed in great length. Zoya also shared stores about her mother and how growing up her mother was always obsessed with her vanity and making sure she didn't leave the house without full make up on. How she tried to push that onto Zoya and how she never quite felt like that was as important to her as it was to her mom. She also mentioned how one of the last things her mother told her on her deathbed was to make sure she always wore lipstick. She spoke with such passion that it was hard to believe we were there for 2 hours because the time flew by so quickly. Zoya also jumped into her love of music and told us stories of being a music teacher and how strict she is when it comes to her music. She even has a teacher now who she works with and her teacher was disappointed in her for taking time off from her practice to come to Cosmoprof. She then talked some about music composers and their wives. haha lets see am I missing anything? I'll tell you one more story She said she went to her local pharmacy to pick up a prescription and the young clerk picked up her meds and read her name out and was like "Zoya.... is this any relationship to Zoya nail polish" and she said the young girl who looked like she was ready to go home like she didn't want to be at work just got beyond excited and couldn't believe that she was standing in front of The Zoya. heh Zoya said she was not used to anyone so excited over meeting her and that it's just her name on the bottles that's it. Zoya is so modest and you'd think that Polish is the only thing in her life but she is so much more than that. I truly have so much love and respect for her. I'm so happy for how the company has grown over the past few years since I've become aware of the brand. Zoya celebrates Women and the power of women, each bottle is named after strong women and this really translates well through the polish because wearing it is truly pure empowerment! hah okay like Zoya I'm a talker too :)

When I first got into polish Nubar was pretty big and a company I kept an eye on and it seems like in the last few years the excitement of the brand died off and it got to a point where you just didn't see much of them around. Well I gotta say They are on an upswing and after seeing their new collections it's going to be hard to ignore them. They have three new collections coming out and they are Fantastic! I'm excited to see Nubar back out there, I have lots of Nubar polishes in my collection and the formulas have all been fantastic so I couldn't be happier to see a newly reenergized Nubar! oh btw FLAKIES!!! drool.....

So I was fortune enough to be invited to meet Dita Von Teese and Celebrity Hair Sylist John Blaine, while they were promoting Obliphica. I brought Mimi and Melissa along with me since well the more the better! Obliphica is a hair brand and honestly it was new to me. Before we met with Dita we got to meet with Obliphica's Founder Roni Josef. I have never met someone who spoke so passionately about a product. Roni whose been a hair stylist for over 3 decades told us about how he discovered the Sea buckthorn and how it took him over 4 years to perfect the products before they were released.
He spoke from the heart and it wasn't hard to see how much devotion and care went into make sure he was giving his clients the best possible product he could give them! So did I
 mention that Mimi and Melissa were totally fan-girling over Dita? haha Of course I've heard of her and I'm familiar with her work but well it was a good thing I wasn't totally Gaga over meeting her because someone had to ask her questions... haha okay so here's where I suck at life... so we got like a 5 minute window to interview her and well stupid me didn't bring a notepad and Mimi thought she was recording the interview on her phone and well I should have known better than to let Mimi who was too excited to be in charge of that. So I'm sorry I don't remember all the questions we asked and Dita's Answers but know that She was surprisingly very down to earth and she didn't make us feel like she was any better than us. I did ask her to show us what was in her cute little purse and she totally did but heck all i remember now was that she had some lipgloss in there.. .haha yes I know bad Katherine. Dita also talked about a beauty book she's been working on told us a little about it and how it's to encourage people to step outside of their comforts zone and not to be afraid to try beauty trends. See I hate this because I really asked some great questions too. but at least I have this picture to show you that it did happen. Dita and John were of course both very excited about Obliphica and she did tell us how it's changed her hair's condition because she uses hot rollers everyday on her hair and how after using Obliphica her hair has never been healthier. 
Okay so on a side note I tried Amika Norishing Mask, which I got as a deluxe sample in the Beautique beauty bar at Cosmoprof and it contains Obliphica in it, and after one use seriously it gave me the softest hair ever. Obliphica offered to send me samples but I don't review hair products so I declined but man I think I may need to reconsider that since This Sea buckthorn berry seems to be made of magic!! Don't be surprised If you do see a hair review in the future!

 you can find more info about Obliphica on their site
Color club and Ruby Wing was another favorite stop for me . They showed us all the new upcoming collections and there were a few standouts for sure. In the Girl About town collection which is pictured above there is an interesting inky blue flakie that was a standout for me. I couldn't seem to get a good picture of it while at the show, but later on after I went to Layla they had a similar one and I included a picture of that one below. I haven't compared them side by side but well they're close enough :) . The Scented Ruby Wing Collection Cupcakes and Champagne had a lot of interesting finishes and that is a collection to pay attention to!

I popped into the Minx booth for a quick second. They had some exciting new artist collaborations they are coming out with and a set based on the TV Show New Girl. I'm sorry the picture i took is a little blurry but you get the idea. I love that show and the wraps are too cute!! They also have a new collection geared towards men and the picture I took was even worse than my new girl picture so I'm not sharing it but believe me when I saw they were pretty rad and very fitting to be labeled as a men's collection. I haven't tried Minx yet even though  I bought a set at ulta a while back, I just can't bring myself to use it because it's just too pretty to use but one day I'll pull it out and use it. 

One of my last major stops was at Layla Cosmetics. Above is a picture of me and Paula and I don't think I laughed as much as I did then when I was with her. I had to come back and see her just so I could laugh some more. Two years ago when I first went to Cosmprof, Layla was just starting out and I'm so happy for all the momentum they've gained in the last two years. It's good to see that they are not slowing down anytime soon. They have a New Layla Pro line and the bottles are supersized and super yummy!! Check out the amazingness below!! 

A mandatory picture of me and my awesome Roomie and Cosmoprof buddy Mimi!! I miss her already!!

Mimi and me along with Sandy From Dandy Nails. Sandy was there with her husband and We had a lot of fun searching for a buffet to eat at. Who knew it'd be so tough to find a good buffet to eat at past 10pm on a Sunday. I was under the impression Vegas never sleeps. haha well we finally did find the one buffet that was open till 11pm at Planet hollywood! hah good times! 

Just a few of the cards I collected... during my Cosmoprof experience. Seriously beyond thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Cosmoprof 2013. The show was so well put together and even a month after the fact I'm still in awe of how spectacular it was! Here's hoping I can make it out next year, hopefully by then I'll be moved into the house and not doing anymore renovations!!

See any upcoming polishes you're excited about?? Tell me!!


  1. wow...amazing! and Zoya looks so nice and friendly :)
    Amazing experience!

  2. Looks amazing! :) xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience !

  4. This looks like such a fun event. Just found you thru FabFitFun. Great post


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  6. You look gorgeous, Love all your outfit.


  7. So, will you be going this year? I had too much of a fan girl moment to say hi to you last year :P Haha. I hope so!


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