Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Impressionist/Watercolor ? Manicure Tutorial (video)

Here's another Manicure I created a Video Tutorial For the Allure Beauty Blogger Contest, It's a shame it didn't get to be seen in the contest but I'm very happy that I am able to share it with you today... Not a lot to say about this other than it was super easy and lots of fun to wear! Let me know what you think of the video!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Katie Cazorla Color Flash Launch on ShopNBC Tomorrow!

I know I've been a little absent this past week, been busy working on the house. Got a lot of painting done and a lot more to do but I wanted to just let you guys know about an exciting product that is launching tomorrow. Katie Carzola, from The Painted Nail, is launching an exciting new nail gel system on ShopNBC. I've never played around with gel polishes but this looks like it's super easy to use. I change my polish almost daily so I'm not looking for the long lasting benefits that Gel offers. I have a feeling this might be of interest to a lot of you guys out there, so be sure to tune in and check it out! I had the pleasure of meeting Katie a few years back and she's such a kind and funny person, I'm so happy to see her launch this product and I look forward to seeing many more great things from her! 

About the Product:

·         Why the Color Flash Instant Gel Nail Color is Different:
o   Unlike other at-home nail gel systems, the Color Flash Instant Gel Nail Color System works in one single step. Forget second coats, pre-polish nail cleansers and endless time under an LED lamp - with Katie’s specially formulated kit you simply apply the color and cure under the lamp for 60 seconds. Additionally, Katie’s system includes a special, fast-acting polish remover that’s unlike anything else on the market. Gentle on your nails yet tough on polish, the included remover is a welcome change from traditional acetone. 
·         Why it works:
o   The secret behind flawless nails is in the Color Flash’s LED lamp and specially formulated gel nail polish. Quick and easy, the device uses LED lights to cure treated nails in seconds. By combining the LED technology with the special gel nail polish, you’re left with a long-lasting, high-gloss nail color that rivals the best professional treatments.   
·         What’s included:
o   The Color Flash Instant Gel Nail Color by Katie Cazorla gives you everything you need to get bright, glossy nails at home – just in time for the warm summer months ahead. Included in the kit is the device, three gel colors, a buffer block, a nail file, gel remover, a metal cuticle pusher and 30 foil wraps.

Here's a video that really shows how easy this is to use :

About Katie:

Katie Cazorla is owner of the Los Angeles-based nail boutique The Painted Nail and star of TV Guide’s Nail Files. She is known for her nail expertise and is trusted by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars seeking beautiful nails.

About the Premiere:

Katie will launch her product as a ShopNBC Today’s Top Value. It will premiere as part of her new ShopNBC show, # Hollywood Trends™ with Katie Cazorla. The show launches on ShopNBC on Tuesday, April 30 at midnight ET with additional show times at 5:00am, 10:00am and 2:00pm ET. For more information, visit ShopNBC.com.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nail Art Society April 2013 Box

Today I've got a look at the April Box for Nail Art Society. Recently they contacted me and asked If I'd like to be one of their Nail Art Gurus, How could I say No? What an honor to be considered a Nail Art Expert!! Every month I'll show you that month's Nail Art Society Box and a look I created using the items in that box. So a little quickie about Nail Art Society... It's a subscription box and for $9.95 a month you get various Nail Art goodies. What I love besides the price is that you also get an info card with some sample ideas and a tutorial. I'm Excited about working with Nail Art Society! This might be one of the better monthly subscriptions out there, mainly because it focuses on what I love most, Nails!! 

My thoughts on the April box: I've never tried large 3D bows and I was scared a little when I saw them but come on look at them they are too cute! You get a lot of bows but I wish that the company who made them put 4 bows instead of 3... just means you're gonna have to be creative if you want to use them on both hands, like use two colors. The Kiss Nail Art Paint Retails for 7 bucks at my local Walmart, I was happy to see it because of course I've seen it I've always been tempted to buy it because those colors are some of my favorites! In this look I created I took advantage of the tip guides that were included with the Kiss polishes. I centered the tip guide on the nail and painted the bottom half black, I then took the stripers out and did the lines. I did paint the pink over a white so that you could see it over the black. At the end I used the Nail Glue and put a tiny dot where I wanted the bows and stuck them down. They stayed on very well. The bows to me are not an everyday item. They'd be fun to use for something special.  Was this box worth 10 bucks? yes! I can for sure say the April Box was a winner!

I have a preview of what's in the May Box be sure to scroll down and take a look! 

A $39.94 VALUE, FOR ONLY $9.95!

(April 2013)  - Nail Art Society is excited to offer you a sneak peek of May’s Kiss-n-Tell Nail Art Society kit! Nail Art Society continues to deliver the latest Japanese 3D nail art and has partnered with Kiss to bring you their new line of nail art products – delivered to your door for only $9.95 (a $39.94 value).  But that’s not all!  By joining Nail Art Society you not only receive a monthly nail art kit, you will receive exclusive access to Q&A’s, video tutorials, trend reports, and tips from Celebrity Nail Artists, Bloggers and Beauty Insiders every month!

Join by May 10, 2013 and you can expect to find the following Kiss products in your May Nail Art Kit!
Kiss 3D Charms (value: $5.99)
Kiss Marbleizing Pen & Polish (value: $9.99)
Kiss Nail Artist Stickers (value: $2.99)
Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit (value: $6.99)
Kiss Nail Dress in two styles (value: $6.99 each)

The total value of May’s #nailartsociety kit is $39.94, but with your Monthly Membership to Nail Art Society you pay only $9.95.  To join the society of nail savvy individuals and stay one-step ahead of the latest nail craze, 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset, ABC Challenge P

P is for Pretty Serious!

I sorta jumped over a few letters but hey I'm here this week! With the days longer we've been back to working on the house trying to get things moving so that one day we can move in. After work I've been going over there and getting stuff ready so that this weekend we can start painting. You have no idea how happy that makes me since it means we're just that much closer to getting done. YaHoO gonna be painting tons of trim for ever and ever... also going to have to finally pin down some paint colors for all the rooms, not looking forward to that :(

For some reason I always thought this was a reddish polish, I was surprised to find out it's a rusty auburn. I usually do not go for these orangish colors but this looked fantastic with my skin tone. I don't know what's up with me and orange polishes. In general orange is not a favorite color but orange just loves me and I find myself starting to fall in love with it. I mean come on how can I not when this polish looks so great! No issues with the formula and the finish on this one is fantastic! If my memory serves me right this is a 2-3 coater. 

Pretty Serious is about to turn 1 year old and to celebrate they just released a polish to celebrate, Daphne's Birthday Party, you should go check it out, there is a chance you can win a year of all new releases from Pretty Serious. I totally bought a bottle and a few others while I was at it ; ) Check out their site for more details


Monday, April 22, 2013

My 500th Post!! Revlon Opal Effect Nails (Video)

Woah This is my 500th Post!!! How Crazy is that?? Never thought I'd stick around long enough to have 500 posts under my belt!! With that said I do have some sad news, I was eliminated from the Allure Beauty Blogger Contest. However I'm not bummed about it, I'm happy I don't have to keep pushing myself onto you guys and begging for votes. I already feel like a winner from all the people who have taken the time to vote and have shown me support. I admit I'm am sad that my challenge 2 post didn't make it to their page since I really featured the heck out of some nails, but the good news is I've been given the okay to post that material onto my site. I did a total of 3 different nail tutorials and I'm going to split them up into a separate posts. Thank you again to all of you who voted for me and for loving me even though to everyone else I came off as a crazy long nailed nail polish hoarder lady!!  Enjoy this manicure and check out the Video Tutorial on how I did it! 

The Revlon Products used were provided to me by Allure for the Beauty Blogger Contest.

On my left hand I reversed the colors
 Press Sample

Zoya 2013 Nail Polish Exchange is Back!

I'm sure a lot of you have already seen this but just in case you haven't you have until the 26th to take advantage of this special. All the details you need are listed below.

Half off Zoya? Yes Please!! 

             Announcing the 2013 Zoya Nail Polish Exchange*

Zoya nail Polish Exchange banner
Hooray for Earth Day! Once again, Zoya is helping you do a little spring cleaning with the return of the Earth Day Zoya Nail Polish Exchange* for 2013. Clean out your nail polish wardrobe and get rid of old nail polish that may not be BIG5FREE (Free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP and Camphor) and exchange it for a greener alternative - long lasting, award winning, healthy Zoya Nail Polish bottles!

Now's the perfect time to make the switch to an eco-chic beauty routine! From April 19, 2013 - April 26, 2013 (11:59PM EST), exchange your old, unwanted nail color for toxin-free ZOYA Nail Polish for only $4 per bottle plus shipping and handling fees. Rest assured - ZOYA will properly dispose of your old polish. 
Here's all you need to do!
1.  Go to 
www.zoya.com and pick out the polishes you would like (excludes all Zoya PixieDust™ Collection shades) and add them to your cart. You must select at least 6 bottles and no more than 24 bottles of polish (Salon accounts minimum 12 maximum 48 bottles.)

2. Apply the code (copy and paste for best results): 
3. Your order value will be adjusted to reflect a 50% discount (we use these funds to properly dispose of the old nail polish).

4. SUBMIT your order!
Then Zoya will ship out your NEW polish! HOORAY! This is how your order should look like... 
Once you get your order 
Here's where the exchanging* happens...
1.     Ship back the equivalent number of bottles you received to the return address below (ie. If you ordered 6 bottles of Zoya – you would send us 6 NON-ZOYA polishes). Please check with your carrier on the proper way to ship nail polish.
2.     Include a copy of your order. 
To clarify the exchange: You do not have to send us the exact amount of bottles that you are ordering. You can send any quantity up to that amount. You can also donate. If you decide you don't want to do either, it's ok "Offer is not contingent on customer returning polish" we will still love you and will send the Zoya polishes... we'll just send you on a guilt trip for a while :)

Ship Your Old Nail Polish To:
Art of Beauty, Inc.
c/o Polish Exchange
5060 Taylor Rd, Unit D
Cleveland, Ohio, 44128, USA
Once we receive your polish, we do the rest! It’s that simple!
The bottles you send in cannot be Zoya, Qtica or Nocti polishes (but they can be any other brand). We are using the honor code here folks! We want to make sure you get your Zoya Nail Polish! We send you the polish first then you send your old polish back to us! If you do choose to send us your old polish we promise to properly dispose of it according to EPA guidelines. This offer is only good for 1 week so hurry – Don’t Wait!
*Offer valid online at www.zoya.com only. Offer expires on 4/26/2012 at 11:59PM EST. Continental US ONLY. Not valid with any other codes, coupons or promotions. Shipping and handling fees apply. Consumer accounts must exchange a minimum of 6 polishes with a 24 bottle maximum. Salon accounts must exchange at least 12 with a maximum of 48 bottles. Polish can be from any brand EXCEPT Zoya, Qtica or Nocti and can be exchanged for in-stock .5oz Zoya Nail Polish. Excludes all Zoya PixieDust™ Collection shades. Offer is not contingent on customer returning polish. Zoya Exchange code is unique and non-transferable. One code per account. Art of Beauty is not responsible for incorrect addresses, credit card entry errors or errors associated with declined credit cards. Please allow standard time for processing and shipping, however if volume is higher than expected please allow up to 6 weeks for shipping and processing. Art of Beauty, Inc. reserves the right to remove any polish that is out of stock from your order. You will not be charged for this polish. Backordered polish is not included in this promotion.

CONNECT WITH ZOYA: Make sure to tagTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest posts with @ZoyaNailPolish and hashtag posts with #ZoyaNailPolish and #ZoyaEarthDay. Website, Blog and YouTube links can be shared on our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/zoyanailpolish).

Friday, April 19, 2013

Illamasqua Pink Raindrops

Sometimes I get caught up in the hype of a polish. Pink Raindrops is a very good example of this. Pink Raindrops is the pink version of Raindrops, which is a pretty hyped up limited edition Illamasqua polish. I haven't been able to get my grabby hands on the original just yet. They released this one celebrating a milestone of so many Facebook likes and it was only for sale on their site. I passed up a few group buys to get this but then I saw someone was selling it on Facebook since they weren't in love with the color and I just caved. Since then Illamasqua announced that Sephora was finally going to sale this one and I felt like kicking myself for not waiting longer. However I did notice that the prices of illamasqua polishes is on the rise, $17.00, up 3 bucks! Glad I bought all mine before that increase! It bugs me that I paid more, but that's life you buy something and then the next week it's on sale half off and then they release a newer version! Anyway... onto the polish itself. This one has more negatives for me than positives. As much as I want to love love love it, it just feels more like a miss for me. The worst thing about it besides the odd fleshy putty color is the formula. I consider myself an expert Nail painter, ( a title I've appointed to myself!) and this one was giving me hell. I never thin out a polish and I had to pull out some thinner because it was just very gloppy. The flakes made the application even harder since they seemed to drag through the polish and did not quite want to settle on the nail. I wish it registered more pink then neutral washed out putty. It does have a stunning pink shimmer to it but the shimmer is not very strong on the nail like it is in the bottle. You just know I love Illamasqua polishes I own a boat load of them but It hurts me to say that this one just was very disappointing. Would I buy this again, yes but only because the collector in me wants it. 

Anyone else have a polish they wanted to love but just couldn't? 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Shape Nails into Stilettos (video)

I've been getting a lot of requests to do a video on how I file my nails. It was time for a change so the other day I pulled my camera out and decided I'd attempt to show you how I do it. I'm still very new to the whole making videos so sometimes the angles aren't the best but at least you can follow along. The video is a little on the long side (8.5 mins).

Click on YouTube logo if you'd like to see it a little bigger :) 

I still have a lot of posts I haven't put up so for the most part there might be a mix of long nail posts with a sprinkling of shorter nails. If you have any questions please let me know! I hope that for those of you who requested this it was helpful!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OPI Oz The Great & Powerful Collection Review

When I first saw the Press release for this collection and I heard that there were several sheer colors, My heart sank. Sheer polishes are not something I use in general because of the longer nails. Since I constantly wear polish I tend to have staining on my nails. It's usually not very bad but the idea of a sheer made me feel exposed. I instantly made up my mind that this collection was going to be a nightmare. After swatching just a few my eyes started to open up and I was beginning to see this collection in a completely different light, what I thought were going to be nightmare polishes were actually looking really nice and they were all working so well together. I tend to hate more polishes than love but I didn't really have any in this group that I didn't like. Overall I liked this collection as a whole and I liked the versatility and how you can mix and match and get several different looks. My one issue with this collection is the fact that it is a collection based off the Oz movie and well I think we were all hoping for something more colorful. In conclusion this collection had a good flow for me!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Super Mario/Paper Mario Manicure

Just wanted to let you know that the Allure Beauty Blogger Contest has officially started and you can go and vote. Please help support me to keep me in the contest!!
 Voting is only open to US residents and by voting you will be entered to win prizes from Allure including a trip to Hawaii.  Even if you aren't in the US you can go check out my write about my beauty obsession...  oh and there's an updated picture of the Nail Polish Stash, so it's worth a look!

Your support is greatly appreciated! While you are there be sure to click like on Facebook or tweet a link next to my picture, any help is greatly appreciated, you can vote daily!! 

Okay with that out of the way...

This is my Favorite Manicure I've ever done hands down! I was inspired to do this manicure for a friend whose young son is going through some medical issues. A group of us did manicures to support him and his mother through this tough time. I heard he likes Mario so I was inspired to create this very colorful manicure. I wanted to make sure when he saw a picture it'd put a smile on his face. I think I succeeded! I myself enjoy Mario and out of all the Mario games my favorite is Paper Mario. Gotta say I Nailed it :P !


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blood Splatter Tape Manicure

I posted a swatch of OPI My Vampire is Buff, and had few requests to paint some red on them to make it look like blood on vampire teeth. I wasn't going to do it, however I've always wanted to try a Splatter Manicure. I pulled out some tape and thought it'd look more interesting if I just did the tips so I taped off the manicure and pulled out a dark red jelly polish and went to town. To do the splatter manicure you basically dip a straw into polish and blow. This is easier said then done. I practiced a few times and I swear my lungs were sick of me by the time I finished! I recommend covering up your area so you're not spraying polish all over the place. I used a standard regular straw and I slightly dipped it into the polish bottle I found that worked better than just dipping it into a pile of polish. Also practice spraying on a sheet of paper. Another thing that can help is make sure you have a coat or two of topcoat over your manicure before you spray, because if you mess up you can quick remove the paint and try again. The polish I used was Essie Lacy not Racy. I know these would be perfect for halloween and my timing is off in posting these but they are still fun regardless! 

Some items used were sent for review

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Painted Sabotage Hate Tank

I've been putting off a lot of work this week so instead of enjoying my friday night I spent it catching up on all the work I've slacked off on which means I got home very late. I'm tired so going to try to keep this short. Tonight I've got another Painted Sabotage polish and this one is a amazing! Like the first one I showed you guys, Gargle Blaster this one is yet another stunner! I layered it over opi hands off my kielbasa, I did swatch it later by itself and it looked similar. The base is this amazing raspberry color, It's gorgeous and very squishy. I was afraid that on it's on it would be very sheer but to my surprise it actually gets very opaque just using 2-3 coats. I did throw a matte top coat over it and I preferred it matte only because it made the glitters really stand out more.  

Here is a description taken directly from Painted Sabotage site regarding Hate Tank:

"Some of us may not be looking for Prince or Princess charming... Not wanting to set sail on the Love Boat or ride on the Party Train. Then how about climbing into the Hate Tank! 

Inside Hate Tank you will find black hearts, thats right I said it BLACK HEARTS!!! Some black shreds to compliment. Finishing it off with burgundy and red holo glitter!! *SPLAT* you just run over by the Hate Tank!"

l love it, its like the perfect anti Valentine's Day polish, yet its perfect for anytime of year. 

You can currently purchase Painted Sabotage from their Etsy store


Friday, April 12, 2013

New Hard Candy Polishes Review

Today I've got a look at 10 polishes from the Newly released Hard Candy polishes that are exclusive to Walmart. Hard Candy recently released a total of 45 polishes and these are just a taste of some of the awesomeness that they've unleashed! These retail for approx $4.00 which doesn't break the bank! It seems like a mega deal until you realize the bottle is only .26 fl oz. However compared to other polishes and the quality of these it is a very fair price... I just never have been a mini bottle fan. I will say this elongated mini bottle is more acceptable to me than the normal mini bottles that we are used to seeing. 
If you are having hard time finding these at your local Walmart they are for sale on Walmart.com
You can also check out the Press Release here if you'd like to see high quality images of all 45 colors.

Okay lets push forward to the swatches and reviews! There's a lot of goodies here!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nicole By OPI Gumdrops Press Release

I can't help but love me some texture! I've got my eye on My Cherry Amour! These texture polishes are super quick and easy to put on and there's no fuss with having to put on a top coat... Perfect for when you're in a rush! Please enjoy this collection Preview!

“Sugar” Coated Nails!

Nicole by OPI Announces NEW Limited Edition Gumdrops Nail Lacquers

Nicole by OPI launches Gumdrops – six new limited edition matte texture shades designed to give nails a mouthwatering manicure.  With a “sugar-like” finish that lightly shimmers with fine glitter particles, Gumdrops features brilliant candy colored hues.
 “These shades are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth,” explains Suzi Weiss-FischmannNicole by OPI Co-Founder & Artistic Director.  “By combining groundbreaking texture technology with some of the hottest trends including matte and shimmer finishes, Nicole by OPI has created a new line of lacquers for cutting-edge manicures.  Worn without top coat, Gumdrops lacquers dry to a textured matte finish to give nails a “sugar” coated appearance.
Gumdrops shades include:
I Lilac Gumdrops
But I love this sugar-frosted lavender.

My Cherry Amour
You're the one magenta I adore.

Candy is Dandy
This sweet pink is my favorite guilt-free treat.

Cinna-man of My Dreams
I dream in shades of this warm spice pink.

Blue-Berry Sweet on You
I’ll be true to this berry blue hue.

A-Nise Treat
This shimmery licorice is everyone's favorite.

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops nail lacquers should always be worn without top coat to achieve the unique textured matte finish.
Nicole by OPI formulas are long-lasting, fast-drying, and salon-quality.  This limited edition collection will be available beginning May 2013 for $7.99 each at retailers including select Walmart (May 2013), CVS (June 2013), Rite Aid, Kmart, Kroger, Ulta, H-E-B, and Duane Reade locations (August 2013), In Canada, these shades will be available for $10.99 each at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart Canada (July 2013), Jean Coutu, Loblaw, and London Drug (August 2013).
For more information, visit nicolebyopi.com. Follow Nicole by OPI on Twitter @NicoleByOPIand become a Facebook fan!

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