Monday, October 8, 2012

Mont Bleu Product Reviews

Today I've got a look at some more products you can buy from Mont Bleu. I've done a review for Mont Bleu before: Here is a link to that review Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files.  Mont Bleu is a company based out of the Czech Republic and They offer a variety of items on their online site. Here is just a few of their main products: glass nail files, foot files, tweezers, compact mirrors, keyrings, hair brushes, card holders... and so on. So fair I've tried four different products from them and they are all high quality products. They use Swarowski Crystals on a lot of their products so there are a lot of pretty colorful options they offer.  Here is a link to their online shop It is very easy to navigate.

Retail price is approx $16.80 for the one I have pictured below, they have various colors available and they also have tweezers without the crystals for around $6.99.  I was excited to try these out because I use tweezers on a pretty regular basis. I was impressed at how well they worked. I tested it out on a few chin hairs (hah I know TMI) and this sucker grabbed them right up and they weren't even long. These are now my go to tweezers. I love the finish on them because it's a little like a matte rubber finish which means your fingers aren't going to be slipping and sliding while you're working hard to get delicate hairs out of the way.

Compact Mirror:
Retail price is approx $16.80. This is the plastic Compact Mirror and yes they do also offer a metal version which is another 10 bucks. You can get a basic plastic one without crystals for $5.59. I like the plastic because it is very light weight. The top is very shiny and has a mirror finish so you really don't even have to open it up to see your reflection. While it is is pretty, I did find it a little large for my liking, I have a much smaller mirror I have in my purse that I prefer. It comes in a very nice gift box and I think this would be something I would buy if I was going to gift it to someone. They have a lot more elaborate designs available as well.

Foot File/Callus Remover:
Retail price is approx $22.40. The one I have below is the Callus remover. They also have foot files, they are 2 bucks cheaper and I dont' really know what the difference is. Okay this is hands down the best foot file I've ever used! I often ignore my feet and only take care of my hands. So when I got this I was like eh meh, foot thing I don't care. After using it I was like woah, my feet look amazing! hah in a few minutes my feet were nice and soft and I basically erased all the roughness off of them. I tried it both dry and wet and I have to say I got the job done a lot quicker filing them wet. The best thing about this file is that you just run water over it and it's ready to go again and again. I've tried other foot files/pumice stones throughout the years and I've never had one that worked this well! The size and weight makes it really easy to use, and there's no way to really hurt yourself or cut yourself with this file. The foot file is my favorite Mont Bleu product I've tried so far. I highly recommend it!!

Last thing I want to mention is shipping. Yes this is being shipped from Europe and surprisingly the cost is very reasonable. They offer a standard shipping and then an expedited shipping option.
standard shipping for all these products would have been $4.20 and the time frame would be up to 2 weeks. If you want it quicker they offer 2-3 day delivery via Fed Ex for around 20 bucks.. I can't ship anything in the states that quickly for that much money.

Here's the link one last time...

 Disclaimer: Items were sent to me for review

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