Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby + My 10 year HS Reunion

I have to start off by saying I'm sad I missed the midnight deadline tonight and yesterday I didn't even post... But yesterday I did make and effort to go to my 10 year high school reunion.

 I'm sorry to be so off topic but I feel like rambling... It was a really small gathering and I'm glad I went but I was also very sad that there were so few people who were able to come. Also it was the first time I've been back to the school in 10 years and it's no longer a high school. A few years after I graduated they built a new shiny high school and turned the old one into either a middle school or a career center.  They still use the old football field. It was very emotional being back at my school to see it all chopped up and updated. They removed a huge chunk of the school in the front and just put grass there. I'd love to walk through what is left of it. Well that's life things are forever changing. The few of us that went we met at the homecoming football game and then we all went downtown to a bar.. hah not what I always thought a 10 year reunion would be but I also went to a little cookout with the same folks today, there was another event tonight but I just didn't have it in me to go again. I think the problem was there were too many mini events. I rather there just be one event. But I'm thankful for the people who planned the events because they worked hard and had very little help. I admit I didn't really know most of the people there because my high school was sorta like two schools in one. I went there for the IB program (honors program). I'm glad I still remembered how to get there since It's sorta far from where I live and I never go out that way. Hitting the 10 year mark after graduating high school has put me in a weird mental funk this weekend. Here's the highlight of the whole Reunion... I was going into the football game  and I asked the teachers taking the tickets if I was able to go in and out of the gate and they sorta were like umm no you can't do that and I was asking because our little reunion group was sorta right outside the gate and I was like but my 10 year reunion group is right there and they looked at me all funny like what are you talking about 10 year reunion. hah the guys were like stop playing with us you're a student here. I laughed and said nope I was 10 years ago and then I said I might be older than you guys and they were like yep. hah so that was the high of the week! I still could pass for 18 !! hah hooray....

Okay about the nails.. I wore this over Cult Nails Evil Queen and I don't really have any major comments about it. hah I think I talked myself out!! I've seen Orly's Rockets Red Glare and it looks like it might be very similar to this. The major differences are that RRR base is red and it has some square shaped glitter in it. So not exact but It could satisfy the need if you want to recreate this look. Okay Time for bed! 


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  1. I transferred to my high school because it had the IB program, too! I was a certificate student, not the full diploma. (After hearing the horror stories about writing the Extended Essay, I was kind of glad I didn't do it!) Glad you enjoyed your reunion ... mine would be next year and you could not pay me to go to mine.


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