Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Glitter Gal Marine Blue

I hope you guys don't mind I have another Glitter Gal polish for you guys to look at today. In fact the next few posts will more than likely all be Glitter Gal. I hope I don't bore you guys too much with all these holos since we all know how unexciting holos can be... hah okay totally kidding here. I did not expect to like these Glitter Gal holos as much as I did. In fact when I went over to my friends house and saw a glitter gal for the first time I was shocked at how tiny the bottle was and I remember telling her how i'd never buy them since they're so pricey and so small. So I totally caved when I found the buy 3 get one free sale Kim over at was having. Marine Blue is the one Glitter Gal my friend owned and I almost didn't buy it since I figured I could always borrow it from her but since the bottle is so tiny I figured I needed my own.  Well glad I bought it, this has an awesome opaque formula, this was two coats tops I usually never just do one coat of anything. It went on like a dream!

So by now a lot of you guys know that i'm completely nuts.. yah I know no surprise there.... I take pictures with both my iPhone and my Sony Camera, which means I always carry both with me at all times and I usually always have a bottle of polish with me of what i'm wearing so if I want to snap a picture I'm good to go. I just want to make sure that I'm posting pictures that are good and that the colors are true to life or at least as close as I can get it so using both cameras helps. I'm mentioning this because there's two very similar pictures below and I wanted you guys to see what a difference in color the cameras came up with. The iPhone captured a much deeper blue than the other and well it's not really that deep of a blue . Okay gonna turn off the crazy rambling machine.  


  1. Whoa that is an awesome blue!

  2. oouff perfect !! i love i love i love i want this ://
    i wait u my blog :)

  3. MUST OWN! I recently got into Glitter Gal, and bought Lizard Belly 3D Holo, 10 to Midnight, and the Red 3D Holo. Small bottles, but amazing polishes!


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