Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mont Bleu Nail Files

Today I've got a quick review of some glass nail files. These were sent to me by Mont Bleu which is a company in the Czech Republic. I own a lot of files, I mean A LOT, I have several glass nail files so I was curious how these compared to the ones I already own.  When they arrived I was blown away at how gorgeous they were! I mean I don't go gaga over a lot of stuff but these are just so pretty! As far as performance they work pretty well I would say there wasn't much difference I found between the other glass files I own maybe these had a little bit of an edge since they had an unused surface compared to my older files. For my longer nails I usually stick to files that have more grit on them. But I gotta say the little file has made it's way to my purse , I love the size of it, I've broken a really expensive glass file I bought once in my bag and it was like the bigger sized file I have here so I love the smaller size cause it fits in my wallet and I don't have to worry about it snapping in half.  Over all my thoughts on these is that they make for a really nice gift, The two files I received retail for approx $20.00. So not very expensive and they sure do have a nice elegant statement to them. They use Swarovski crystals on them so you are getting high quality materials! The shipping is very reasonable for this set it was 3.00 (delivery under 30 days)  or 14.00  (week delivery). Considering it's coming from Europe that's pretty good. I encourage you guys to check out their other products because they also have tweezers, compact mirrors and hair brushes to name a few. Most of their products are decorated in the crystals so there's a lot of pretty eye candy they have!
Here is a link to their online store:  Mont Bleu

Disclamer: These were sent to me for review

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nfu-Oh 34

One of the main reasons for the lack of posts has been that the main computer I used to do most of my posting on, I took out the air card from it to test it in another computer and well once I put it back in a few days later it was asking me for the network key and it's one of those mile long passcodes and who knows where the paper I wrote it on is. I also have my work computer set up for posting but lately I've been busy using it for work that I don't get around to posting. hah yah I'm sure my boss would appreciate paying me for actually working and not blogging. Hah, so anyways I grabbed this little tiny hp net book I have that no one uses and oddly enough it's fairly decent to blog on. I always hated it because of the tiny screen but the little bugger is growing on me. Who knows maybe this will be a game changer for me.

Okay now onto today's post. This is rather old it's from the night before I went to Vegas so that means I did this late at night as the base for the failed mani I had and so therefore I don't have any sunlight pics of this polish to share with you. In fact I never even saw this out in the sunlight. It's very sheer I used 3 coats for the pics below and of course there's viable nail lines, I'm not a fan of that. This one reminds me of one of the CND Effects polish and it makes for a great layering polish. In fact if I ever get around to wearing this again it'll be on top of a black since it really comes to life layered over black.

Close up, check out that shimmer on the bottle!
Another close up of a nail

Left to Right: 1 coat over black, 1 coat over white, 3-4 coats by itself.
 Looks Amazing over the black, the pic doesn't show how awesome it really is!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Hauls

So I thought I was doing pretty well and that I was "cured" from buying massive amounts of nail polish but well before I knew it I was bad, Really bad and I ended up with a bunch of new polish. Most of this was bought in one week's time. Here's a look at my September Haul So far : ) 

I haven't done a haul post in what seems like forever. This is what I've amassed since I gave you guys a look at my stash a few months ago here. The box all the way to the right is stuff I got before September, So I'm not going to have pics of it down below but  just wanted to show the whole new addition that's going to be sorted into the stash. I have now surpassed 1500 bottles with this new addition, in fact it's somewhere around 1550.

*I don't think i'm gonna go through and add the color names but if there are any you guys want to know names of just ask and I'll get the names for you
These were both Ebay buys, one lot was the ds polishes and the other the shatters, and yes there is a broken bottle, I contacted the seller about it, hoping she has a replacement for me since it was the one I wanted the most. btw, there is a navy shatter and a black one, hah the navy look black in the picture.

My Haul From Sally's Beauty Supply

My haul from the Labor Day Sale Cult Nails was Having, I now own all of the Cult Nails minus the newest ones she just released  (top coat/base and vicious).
Ulta Haul, TJ Maxx and the Butter London's were a Ebay buy

Big Lots Haul, all of this for under 8 Bucks!

Flea Market Haul

Another Flea Market Haul, this was from a Nail Tech, Notice the older bottles of Zoya!!

Here's a closer look at the Zoya Bottles along with a recent bottle. The first bottle is pretty much the same shape just flipped. I've grown to love how the Zoya bottles look because it's how I'm used to seeing them but I gotta say I love the Spunkier font on the older bottles. Ihat would look amazing in the white font. 

Friday, September 16, 2011


I've had my eye on this one for a while. Ever since I got Opi Ink in Suede I knew I had to have the original since the Suede was pretty different. I rarely buy a polish at full price but for this one I made an exception and I went and picked it up at Ulta. Now I think I did use a coupon so technically I didn't quite pay full price but hey it was pretty close! It's a deep dark purple with what seems like flecks of lighter purple and pink shimmer. I had a hard time getting those shimmers to come out and play in the pics below. Honestly they are not that noticeable on the nail as they are in the bottle. So after drooling over the bottle for what seems like months before I bought it I was a little let down but would I buy this again, yah I would. I did not have any issues with Application. I used somewhere between 2-3 coats. It's a gorgeous purple and for those purple lovers out there it's a must have for your collection.

Shade, i love the bottle shot here : )
Flash makes it look like a royal blue
Bottle Shots

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I've been up to....

It's almost been a full week since I last posted! So I sorta have been wanting to do a blab post about what's been going on with me lately.  I started this blog so I could have something to do while my husband was working 2nd shift. I had too much free time and oddly I found myself pulled into nail polish. Most of my nail blogging was done late at night and that was when some of my more creative nail art was done. Lately things have changed quite a bit for me and I don't have all the free time like I did so I just wanted to give you guys an update:

The biggest change for me lately is that my husband now works with me and we pretty much work the same shift. Since I got the hubs with me at home after work I'm not bored and needing to find something to do like I was. For those of you who don't know, I work for my Father in Law and we have a small company where we manufacture tools. I do everything from answer the phones , process orders, keep track of inventory, ship stuff out, drop off/pick up tools at the coaters. I do it all. My husband has joined in on the family business and he runs the machines that make the tools and since he came to officially work for us things have been running so much smoother. 
We recently have changed order systems(makes my life so much easier!!yay!!) and I've had to recount inventory and we've had to reenter it into the new system and in the process we lost almost 3 weeks worth of work so I had to manually enter those sales orders and redo the inventory for those items. So regardless i've been busy with the system transition and after messing around with that all day I didn't want to touch a computer when I get home. Lots of exciting things are happening for the business!

My Office

Trying to be Healthier
So it's been roughly a 1.5 years since I decided I didn't want to be considered overweight so I got into this super extra healthy kick and I lost a total of 30 lbs or so. I went from being 180 to 147, a size 12-14 to 6-8.  My main goal was to get a "normal BMI" which I did and the good thing is I've maintained the new weight for the (most part) but I'm not as active as I once was. I've been comfortable at  my current weight of 154 for the past year or more. The reason I'm writing this is that I recently got all my labs done and everything was good. I also got this wellness blood test done since my family has a history of heart "issues" and that came back not so great, it checks a lot of stuff normal labs don't check and it was sorta a wake up call that even though I thought I was super healthy I need to make changes and take care of my body better. My husband got this same wake up call (he had the test done too) and he's completely changed the way he eats, which is something i never thought would happen (he was a stubborn junk eater). We don't eat out several times a day like we did at one point and we're making the effort to be more active. He's lost 8 pounds already! I've lost nothing but that's fine with me because I'm happy with my weight, but I have to say I think I'm losing some inches. So trying to be healthier is another thing that's going on in my life. We've been going on bike rides a few times a week and on average we do 10-11 miles a day. So last week I did approx 30 miles. So no extreme exercising but just something to get the ol' Heart working harder than it usually has to. I want to encourage you guys to take a look at what you're eating and see what you can do in your lives to make a difference in your health!

I'm gonna share with you guys some of my worst pictures that I never thought i'd show anyone but I want you guys to see what a difference 30 lbs made for me! When I gain weight it goes straight to my face and midsection! I already have a nice round face I don't need the extra roundness! I also put a more recent full body pic up too but it's not the best since I don't really have any others.
Pic from a cruise I went on in 02/09
From the same cruise. Seeing this pic made me change

From Last Month

At the Hoover Dam Last Month, We're now working on Dave : ) ! 

My dog, Honey
So I've mentioned Honey on this blog before (Honey pics), in fact i did a Honey inspired Manicure on here. So Honey is almost 13.5 years old and she's been in my life for half of my life. Really. We got her when I was 13.5 years old! So She's been my fur baby for a long time. Well it's no secret that she's old and has heart issues. She has congestive heart failure and her little heart is enlarged and it pushes up on her other organs. I've got her on several medications which without them she'd be long gone. After I lost her son, Lucky last year to cancer I thought she's not too far behind. Well She's a tough cookie and she's been doing really well on all the medication. There have been a few bad times where I thought her time was coming and I even had my husband build me a beautiful casket for her around Christmas last year.(hah yah I'm weird like that my husband asks me what I want for christmas and I tell him to make me a casket for my dog.) So it's now September and Honey is still around! I've found that I had to stop waiting for the worst and I had to start enjoying the time I had with her. I was mourning a loss that did not even occur yet. So I'm telling you guys about honey because about 3 weeks ago honey had an episode at night and well I thought she was a goner for sure because she had what appeared like a seizure or "heart attack" (dogs don't really get heart attacks) and well it seemed all too familiar to me since it was close to what I went through when lucky passed. But she came out of it really quickly and seemed perfectly normal the next day. A few days later she just wasn't doing well at all in fact I called my mom to come see her because well I thought it was going to happen sooner than later. We've increased some of her medications since then and she's doing well again. It's tough having someone ill in you family because it's like being on this roller coaster ride all the time. For some of the ride you forget that the person/animal is sick and it's life as usual and then you have those ups and downs that happen that just throw it in your face. I bring Honey to work with me everyday and I really think that keeps her going since she loves to come to the shop and "work" with me. Okay enough sick dog sappy story. 

Honey "working"
Nail Polish
So while I've been pretty busy lately I still have been painting my nails and taking pics, I do have to say I've lost some of the inspiration when it comes to doing nail art and I think it's just because I don't have the free time like I did before but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still here, I'm still into taking care of my nails and I hope that you won't forget about me because I haven't forgotten about all of you. I hope to get back into the groove of posting a few times a week. I enjoyed my week off so to speak but i miss you guys and i need to get back to interacting with my readers. My Birthday is this Weekend so I'm excited about it and well just another heads up that I might not get back on track until after this weekend.

Much Love! 

P.S. So whose excited about the return of it's always sunny in Philadelphia tonight? I know I am!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Professional Beauty Association

Just a quick post to let you guys know about the Professional Beauty Association, Aka PBA. The PBA is a non-profit trade association that represents the interests of the professional beauty industry. The reason why I'm writing about them today is to let you know that they have just recently updated their online content and they have a new site up with lots of educational articles up. The page has info for professionals and consumers with nail care related information. I invite you guys to check out the page.

Here the link:

If you have a moment go check them out, I know there's a few articles on there that are of interest to me so I thought you guys would be interested to. This content is free of charge you don't have to pay anything or join any association so go take a look and go learn something new!

Some of the articles they have on there that might be of interest are:

  • What to Look Out for in a Nail Salon
Feel comfortable entering a salon by looking for key indicators of good hygiene and proper application

  • Facts About Salon Nail Polish Products For Consumers ( if you only check one out make sure it's this one!)
Worried about what’s in your nail polish? Learn the facts and rest assured.

  • Nail Hardeners: Formaldehyde or Formalin?
What is really used in those nail hardeners? Here’s the facts.

Happy Reading!

Zoya Touch Collection

             Minka                  Pandora                 Shay

The Ultimate Search for Mannequin Hands Begins!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jesse's Girl High Intensity Polish

While I was in Vegas I had the great pleasure of meeting the man behind Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, Jesse.  He's a very brave man because he invited all of us blogger ladies out to Dinner and I have to say not many men would survive such an ordeal. Nothing like being stuck in a room with hungry women who only want to talk about makeup! hah okay it wasn't that bad. The whole dinner was beyond amazing. We were treated like stars! We were picked up at our hotels in the world's largest limo and we rode around Vegas in style! We arrived at our destination: Lawry's steakhouse, where we feasted like kings and gossiped about all things makeup.  So besides the yummy food and great company we got some gift bags full of Jesse's Girl make up. I was pretty thrilled about this because for me it's difficult to find Jesse's Girl Make up around my town. I'll have another post sometime soon showing off the other make up that was in the gift bag but here's some swatches of the polish I found inside! 

These retail for $2.99 a piece and the bottle size is .35 fl oz/ 10 ml so it's a little smaller than your average bottle but it's a high quality product for a great price and if you have access to buying them, check them out! Jesse's Girl can be found in Rite Aid stores and you can also purchase their products on their website, Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. They are also trying to expand their distribution to other retailers so hopefully in the future they'll be easier to find.
      Spring Break            Beach Baby             Glee

Barielle on Hautelook

I almost missed this all together! Hautelook is having a sale on Barielle Polish and it's a pretty good sale. They also have a ton of nail care and treatments up for sale too. I wish i saw this sooner since i really wanted to get Barielle's Buddha-ful and it's sold out.  

Here's a link if you're interested :Hautelook 

PS. Sorry for the lazy break I'm on, I've got several posts in the works and it's just a matter of editing some pics so I should be back up and running very shortly! Hope everyone had a good labor day weekend!
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