Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zoya Smoke Collection

Today I have the other half of the Zoya Fall collection of Smoke and Mirrors. Here's a link for my review of the Zoya Mirrors Collection

Zoya Smoke is a collection of 6 Creme Shades. While the Mirror's Collection was all about shimmers and sparkle the Smoke collection is more sultry and somber. Application wise these polishes went on super easy. These cremes are a little thicker than most polishes but it made application super quick. Most of these could easily pass off as one coaters! For the swatches below I did two coats. I love being spoiled by well behaved polish like these cremes because they make painting your nails a joy! All these polishes dry darker than what they appear like in the bottles and had a super high shine without a top coat. My Standouts in this collection are Dree and Petra.

        Jana      Dree       Petra      Codie     Anja      Cynthia

Monday, August 29, 2011

Piggy Paint- Fairy Fabulous

Today I've got a review on the Nail Polish Brand Piggy Paint. This is another brand I was not familiar with until I spotted them at CosmoProf. The Company was created by a mother of two who wanted an alternative non toxic nail polish for her young daughters. So she created this brand which is a water based polish instead of solvent based making it completely kid friendly. I love the idea behind the polish. But for me it's really more of a miss that a hit and I'm fine by that because this polish is meant more for kids than it is for nail polish addicts like myself.

While I completely love this shade of purple, Seriously this my favorite color, I can't overlook the application downfalls of water based polish. I've used other water based polishes before and I always get similar results. For me it's impossible to get an even application and the streaks make for a lumpy end result. Okay lets back up and look at this from a kids perspective....  who cares what the application looks like as long as the paint is on the nails and the kid is digging the color and having fun with it!

While it's not for me If I had a kid this would for sure be on her nails. Kids love to put their hands in their mouth and knowing that there is an option out there that lets your children wear polish and you don't have to worry about your child ingesting any harmful chemicals from it is a major Plus. Here is a link to the company's website Piggy Paint . There you can learn more about the company and see more of the colors that they offer. The polish retails for $8.99. They also have a nifty store locator and I was surprised to see there were stores near me that carry the line. They also have polish for your pups! Puppy Paint! 
*Update* Piggy Paint contacted me to offer my readers a 10% off anything on their website by entering the code manicureaddict10. So take advantage of that if you'd like : ) 

I stole this off their website, but here is another reason i'd want my kid wearing this polish. heh it's a shame I don't care enough about my own nails. I'm so going to be one of those do as I say not as I do preaching parents!

I also got this bottle of remover with the polish, isn't this too cute!! One note about removing this polish.... it was tough!! I tried both this remover and regular Acetone remover and with both had a hard time removing it all so just know that it stays on pretty well.
Here you can see the streaky texture of the polish well

In the Shade
One last note this polish does not play well with a regular solvent top coat. I put on one coat a few seconds later I got these lines/cracks in the polish. Piggy paint does have their own top coat which I would recommend checking out because perhaps using it would even out some of the roughness of the polish. I have to say that this polish does dry with a high shine without using a top coat so even if you don't use one it's super shiny!

Disclaimer: Products were provided to me for review

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tarte Amazonian Clay Glowlight Correcting & Brightening Duo

So if you read the blog you more than likely picked up on the fact that I LOVE Tarte cosmetics. Overall just good quality make up that works and is good for you. So when I saw these on QVC I was ready for them. I bought them on a pre-order basis and they arrived during the week I was on vacation. So when I got home they were waiting for me.

These wands are used under your foundation after you put your primer on. There's two wands, one that is used to correct any darkness or to cover up any spots you don't want to bring attention to (ex. wrinkles) . While the other wand adds highlight and luminosity to your face.  I've heard of these type of products being referred to as a facelift in a wand. I've seen similar wands for sale by other companies and this was my first experience with them.

I hate to say this but for me these did not work. No big dramatic difference between using it and not using it. I don't see any benefit in keeping them. Perhaps I'm too young and I don't need a product like this. I already have other products that can do the same things so it's overkill for me to have extra products that do the same thing. The Correcting wand to me is nothing more than a concealer and it does not compare to Tarte's Maracuja creaseless concealer. Plus these wands aren't cheap, when I got them I paid $33.78 with shipping. Last I checked they now are going for $40.22 with shipping!  I'm glad I got these on QVC because they have an amazing return policy.  I love Tarte but this product was not a winner for me. Do any of you use wand duos like these? If so do they work for you?

In case you are interested in these here is the link for them on QVC. I'm not sure if they are available in stories . If you are someone who uses something like these pens you might like these, the makeup quality is there but for me the extra steps to use them doesn't give me any benefits at this stage in my life.

Pink on top Light on Bottom
Pink on top Light on Bottom
From Left to Right: Pink (Brightening), Light (Correcting), a light sweep of the Pink
From Left to Right: Pink (Brightening), Light (Correcting), a light sweep of the Pink

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deborah Lippmann's Some Enchanted Evening

While I was in Vegas I found Deborah Lippmann's All That Jazz Set in Barneys and there was this instant I NEED this in my life feeling. My poor Husband of course gave me one of those do you really need more nail polish eye rolls. But I was determined and it was mine. 

This past Saturday I signed up to go to an Extreme Couponing 101 work shop with a friend of mine and well I had a problem. My nails weren't exciting enough. I mean yah I like the idea of saving money but I want to look damn good while doing it! I knew I had to glitz up the nails! I was wearing No Miss Quincy Quarz and I looked over at this set which was still in the box and this lightbulb went off. I quickly pulled out Some Enchanted Evening and knew it was going to be perfect coupling. I did  gradient glitter tips because I didn't want glitter overload or the extra glitter to clean off. End result is this is one of my top 10 favorite manicures that I've done and it's not even that complicated. It's just so simple clean and classic to me. Best of all it looked Amazing with my pink outfit!

The polish itself is a clear pinkish base and it has two different shapes of light pink glitters in it. The smaller glitter is pink but when it sparkles they seems to flash reddish to me so it makes for a nice treat. This is not one i'd wear by itself without a base color. I can't say that this polish is unique since it seems like I've seen similar ones out there and even Essie's upcoming holiday top coat collection has a similar one to this. But to me Nothing Beats a Deborah Lippman Glitter, hah I guess I'm sucker when it comes to her glitters!  If you can afford to splurge on her polishes than do it because it's pure happiness that they bring! (at least they have for me!) 

Speaking of money....So here's a little more info about the Coupon workshop I went to... Jenny from is the one who organized it and she holds workshops in several states throughout the south so check out her site. I never really checked out her blog before I only went because a friend of mine was going and I was glad I went. I didn't realize how many people would be there. It was at a church and there had to be at least 300-400 people there! So Extreme couponing is not something I think I'll dive into full force but I do see myself dabbling in it. In fact I already did it once and I got 10 boxes of General Mills Cereal and I paid a big whooping buck for all 10 boxes! Crazy! I don't even believe it myself since they would have cost me close to 50 bucks without the coupons! Hah I will have to start couponing to justify spending all my money on Deborah's new winter collection she has coming out! Got my eye on Stairway To Heaven! 

Okay enough blabbing from me here's the eye candy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Miss Quincy Quartz

I'm sure a lot of you are not aware of this brand simply because I wasn't. This was one of my Favorite company discoveries from Cosmoprof this year. I must have stayed at their booth for almost and hour and just chatted with them! The company is a family run business and at the booth I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of the company and her Daughter in Law. Truly passionate folks and it shows! They have a huge selection of colors approx 155 of the standard colors and approx 50 glitters. A fun fact: The colors are all named after cities in Florida. In fact they were joking that they're almost out of city names! I was jealous of how they come up with new colors, The process is more like hey I'm bored lets go come up with some new colors! How Awesome would it be to get to do that for a Job!! 

As far as getting your hands on some of this I know you can find No Miss at Whole Foods and you can purchase direct from them on their Site No Miss Cosmetics . No Miss Polish is a Vegan Polish that is formaldehyde , toluene and dibutyl-pthalate Free. They're also Cruelty Free. They also have Natural Makeup for Eyes and Lips. The only negative I see is that your local Whole Foods is not going to have a huge color selection available. I say that only because I ran to my local Whole Foods when I got back home and saw that yes they carried No Miss but the display was small and rather picked over. So the website will be a better choice. On the site they have a color chart of their polishes but it's not the best since it's like polish blobs swatches. 

While I was there they let me take home some polish and I'm so glad because this color was just calling my name! I hate the fact that while these pictures are close to what the color looks like they aren't quite right because this polish in reality is more of a light metallic pink and in the pictures it's sorta light coral. I love the gold speckles that are in the base of this polish and I love how delicate this color is even though it has those gold specks in there. Application wise I had no issues with this polish it went on without a fuss. I can't wait to show you guys the next look I got once I layered another polish on top of this because it's freaking amazing that i've been wearing it for a several days and I don't want to take it off!!
 (that's coming up in the next post!)

 So if you get a chance I recommend you check out this brand. The retail price is $7.95 and for that price you get a truly quality product.




With Flash, Crazy how the flash make this one look so much darker than it really is

Disclaimer: Product was provided to me for review

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guest Post: Katherine from necessary★nails

Hello everyone, my name is Katherine and I blog at necessary★nails .
I'm definitely honored to be doing a guest post for Katherine of Manicure Addict! What a coincidence that both of our names are Katherine :P Anyways, I'd like to show you a few of my favorite manicures that I've done and I hope you will like them!

I think my all time favorite manicure would be my version of Asami's Space Nails. I've used quite a few polishes for this but I've seen other recreations of the space manicure and others have used more polishes than I did and there's more color in theirs. Nonetheless, I believe this is definitely one of my all time favorite manicures and I'd definitely do it again and maybe add some more color into it

My second all time favorite manicure would be dripped nails! I've done it twice so far in different color combinations as well. For the first one I used OPI Bubble Bath for the base and Wet N Wild Red Red for the red blood drips. The second one is my strawberry with chocolate drips which I used Sinful Colors Star Fish for my base and OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys for the brown drips.

My Third favorite is definitely my (and many others') version of OPI My Private Jet using Spectra Flair silver pigment.

I hope you all enjoyed and I want to thank Katherine for such a great opportunity to do a guest post on her awesome blog!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Zoya Mirrors Collection

     Jem         Neeka       Yara      Nimue    Marina     Tao

Mirrors is one of two collections that Zoya launched this year for their Smoke & Mirrors Fall line. Here is a link to my review of the Zoya Smoke Collection.
This collection features a mix of shimmers, metallics and subtle sparkles that are guaranteed not to disappoint! Application wise I had no issues with these.  A few of the Metallic ones look a bit streaky in the pictures but in person it was not noticeable. I loved how opaque each color in this collection is, full coverage in just one coat. It doesn't get better than that! This color palette is not one that I'm naturally drawn to since to me they're more muted and "reserved"but they are appropriate for fall. It's a nice transition from Zoya's Summer Sunshine collection into the fall season! Lately I've been seeing a common theme that I've been enjoying a lot colors I never thought I'd like. So now I try to live with the motto "don't judge a polish by it's bottle". Has it worked? So far yes because when I first saw swatches of this collection I thought my must haves would be Neeka and Yara. I completely over looked Marina and Jem. So just know that sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone because you never know what you'll find outside the perimeter.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blaze Solar Active Pop Pink to Plum Twist

Pink Wednesday (Sorta)

Today I have another new to me brand of polish. Blaze by SolarActive Popped up on Twitter and sparked my interest.  It's a polish that changes color when exposed to sunlight. Now this is nothing new, we've seen this before with Brands like Del Sol. Needless to say I was pretty excited to try this brand out. This color is more of a jelly and it has good coverage but I'm not a big fan of having visible nail line so i layered this on top of a white polish but just on my index finger and ring finger. I have to say the white underneath really made the colors pop more. The pink looks more neon and the purple has more depth to it. Pinks can be very difficult to take pictures of but this one was very well behaved and the colors came out very try to life.
Blaze's formula is designed to increase durability, wear and gloss. It's supposed to be a long wearing formula that helps prevent chips and discoloration. Because of this I did a mini wear test on my right hand. I took a del soul polish that was the same jelly formula and painted two nails then painted the rest with the blaze and after 5 days they both started to chip equally for me. There was not a lot of chipping and it wasn't major but it did happened, but honestly does a chip free polish really exist? I was still impressed with the wear on the polish for it being a jelly.  Color Changing Polishes are lots of fun to wear and if you don't have any i recommended trying to get some. It's like getting two colors for the price of one!

Blaze polish can be bought on their website Blaze Nail Polish they ship worldwide . I am not aware if they are for sale in any stores at this time. They have two sizes .45 for $12.95 and a smaller size .25 for $7.95. They are a bit pricey in my opinion but if there's a color you like it might be worth getting. They have over 40 different colors. I own eight Del Sol polishes and I can't say that I see any dupes of them in the Blaze line. Last thing I want to mention is that the picture of the polish they sent me online looks a lot darker than what it actually is so keep that in mind. Hopefully in the future there will be more swatches out there to help with the buying process. 

Outside, I flipped the bottle over right before the shot that's why it's still in it's no sunlight form : ) !

Before Sun
After Sun

Indoors with Flash, here you can see the difference of putting the white on first very well. The 1st and 3rd finger have the white base.

Disclaimer: Product was provided to me for review

Monday, August 15, 2011

Layla Magnetic Polish: Silver Glitter

This is from a new company that's from Italy by the name of Layla Cosmetics. They just officially launched at Cosmoprof this year so they aren't quite available for purchase just yet but the companies spokesperson said it shouldn't be too long before they have a website up. They also said they were talking with a few retail distributors so hopefully we'll see these for sale in some of our favorite stores. In fact while I was in Vegas we stopped in one little beauty store in the Cosmopolitan hotel and the girl working there had this on her nails and she mentioned that they going to be carrying the line soon.   From what I know they have 12 different colors available and the price range if i'm not mistaken is is the $12-$13 range. 
Magnetic polishes have been pretty popular overseas but have yet to really make a splash here in the states since well they're hard to find. The neat thing about this polish is that the magnet is right on the top of the bottle cap so there's no chance of losing it. They will have more designs come as well but for now they  just have the one design. I've heard of some magnetic polishes that you can buy the separate magnets with the designs and i've seen them retail from 20-25 bucks just for the magnet so this is completely affordable and a really quick and easy manicure. The best part about this is that if you don't like the design you can just paint over the nail and try again. This polish is very opaque you only need one coat. I have to admit i had a bit of a tough time getting the design right because well i have longer nails but with shorter nails this will be super easy, you just paint the nail and take the cap and hold it over your nail for 5-10 seconds and Instant Nail Art!

I will keep you updated if I hear any more info about this company or polish since it really is worthwhile!

*UPDATE*  Layla Cosmetic's E-mailed me to let me know a few sites to check out if you are interested in buying their products. You should be able to find them on them on the following websites: - will have the Layla products live by Sept 1st - already live with the Magneffect - have Magneffect and Ceramic - live by Sept 1st - already live with Ceramic and Magneffect  - already live with Ceramic and Magneffect website will be live by Sept 1st.

With Flash
With Flash
With Flash, My Favorite picture of this polish! Man it's such a stunner!

Disclaimer: Product was provided to me for review

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guest Post by Amanda Kidd

Hope Everyone has a Great Sunday. Today for you I have something different. Amanda e-mailed me a few weeks ago and asked if she could do a guest post and she was very passionate so I decided to let her. She put together this little article about how to find inspiration when it comes to your nails. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Do it your way: Craft imagination on your nails
Multi-colored nail paints on the women’s fingers is not a very new thing to visualize. The nail paint trend has always been over-the-top and a must among the girls. Then what’s new that we are going to discuss here you must be thinking. Right? We agree that it’s not a new inspiration. The modern and latest twist to the nail paint is the stylish and chic nail art. Let’s explore how creative you divas can become by updating and modifying your nail polishing art
Fashion camouflages itself within no time and so does nail art. Keeping the nails nude is history or just going by a single common shade is passé. What’s the most updated mode is to go hip and happening by applying inspirational and funky nail art.
This season dramatic nail coloring has an edge. You can be creative and bold with different images and flowery figures on your shapely nails. This can be done in vivid ways. You can flaunt a rogue appeal by taking red as a base and then designing it with an amazing art with acrylic paint or nail polish. You can use a very thin funnel filled with nail polish to draw a flower or a leaf over your base. If you can’t find anything, a toothpick or a match stick would be an alternate. You can be utterly imaginative and inventive in your own way. You just need to be fashionably conscious so that the entire look of your nails sinks in with your attire.
The nail painted with different designs appears to be dramatic and playful. The layering up of the nail paint is not restricted to just tiny patterns over your polished base. Apart from nail polish you can also use studs, or sequins to adorn your nails with. This gives a glittery and shiny appearance to your fingers. It can be an ultimate style statement for a party look.
There are ways which can make your nails appear enhanced and extended. For a very chic and revived look you can exaggerate them a little more. Don’t stop with the designing at the edges of the nails. You can use pretty stars, stones, sparkles, glitter, sequins and designer artificial nails for the ultra-glam look. Wait, it’s not the end. There is a room for more fun and amusement. Tattoos are the most-upto-the date fashion mantra for the nails. You can get to have petite and pretty tattoos or sticky to paste for the long, lovely and luscious nails.
Not to forget, colors always play a major role in generating fashion trends. Play up with the colorful coats over your nails. For a night out, opt for a bright and glittery shade for that seductive look. If you want to go a little wild with your get-up, try some animal or leopard patterns over your nails. In summers and spring, fresh and fruity shades are the way to go. The nails dabbed in creamy and soft texture of the nail paints will make you feel hot and dazzled.
What are you waiting for gals? Just rush for the new beginning and stand out with bold nail art. Just experiment with all possible combinations and love that extra attention towards your noteworthy nails. We just wanna say, Do it your way.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who takes an extra care while choosing her beauty products, and she prefers to own onlythose items which suits her style and personality.She is currently busy in writing on some of the best beauty tips and also trying her hand inwriting on environmental allergies and problems caused by them. She is optingfor topics related to sinus home

Friday, August 12, 2011

Giveaway Winner

 Congrats to Kari from Got Polish she is the winner in my 400+ Follower Giveaway. 
I appreciate every single one of you who entered!

 As always I enjoy the "tell me anything you want me to know" comments you guys leave. There were so many lovely comments with so much love for the blog and my nails That I am floored that you guys share so much kindness with me! Also Sophie (AKA kitty Godzilla) got a lot of love too, heh in fact she got more love than me and several of you wanted her more than the giveaway! 

Here's some of the more memorable ones plus any questions you guys asked:

  • did you know all snakes are actually deaf?
  • I hate how it feels to have wet hair on my back after swimming, showers, etc. so i have to immediately put it up in a towel
  • i love your header.... it's kinda creepy : )
  • I painted my nails green now my nails are stained yellow how do i get it off ( i've heard toothpaste and lemon juice help with staining but i've never tried, i just always cover up with more polish!)
  • kitty is mad, haz to have clawz polished
  • Kitty Godzilla looks very comfy on your giveaway
  • i make awesome tacos (omg me too, i love TACOS!)
  • when did you really start liking polish ? and how long have you been a Manicure Addict ( started getting into nail polish just in the last year but my collection exploded in the last 10 months)
  • How do you keep polish from chipping? ( I don't it happens! But if start with clean nails and a good base coat and top coat the polish will last longer,  I don't do this but i'm sure it helps if you top off your color ever other day with another layer of top coat it's supposed to help it last)
  • I'm Married =)
  • what
  • my mom used her e-reader as a bug smasher the other day. lol
  • Super curious as to how you will sort your nail polish.. color ? brands? ( in case you didn't see i decided to do colors I sort everything by colors)
  • you're so cute you need to be my bloggy girlfriend :P
  • i don't know
  • what is your favorite hair product? ( Paul Mitchell's super skinny serum, it works and smells Amazing)
  • I'm watching the soup and Joel Mchale is pretty hawt ( I agree i love the guy we saw him live a few months ago. LOVE)
  • what is your go to glitter top coat? ( I don't have a go to glitter top coat, i might end up using a different one each time i decide on using a glitter)
  • Turtles can breathe through their butts... True story~!!
  • do you collect polish from asian, korean, japanese brands? ( not really just cause can't find them but i don't discriminate against polish, unless it's got the super stinky 5 cent polish smell)
  • more power!
  • i would love international giveaway every 2 weeks with 3 winners! ( umm... i wish i could do that , that would be soooo expensive)
  • have you painted kitty Godzilla's nails? (No, but i've painted my dog honey's once and she looked funny)
  • where are you getting your inspiration? (hah i wish i knew, just make it up as i go)
  • I love you (awwww, you guys are too sweet!)
  • I laughed to Kitty-zilla until my eyes watered :D
  • " i love you , i love your blog, i love you and your blog" I don't know if you watch will and grace but its a spin on one of the lines in the script between grace and her obsessive assistant . (nope never watched Will & Grace)
  • I'm such a naughty girl
  • I started painting my house today and i managed to stumble over the almost full paint bucket. Let's just say very little paint got on the wall! *facepalm*
  • pasta is my favorite food =)
  • what is your favorite brand polish of all time? ( Tough one but I gotta say I love Sally Hansen because they always come out with new stuff and its so easy to find and Affordable!)
Here's a few bonus pics:
 A few are of Sophie from when she was little , she's now approx 1.5 yrs old and then some shots of my closet since someone asked me about how I have my polishes organized I decided to share my color organized closet  

She was so tiny we stuffed her in a sock! 
I got up from my chair and kitty got in the chair and is licking icing from the bowl. heh silly kitty!
Sophie with her Moms

I also have all my necklaces organized by color
Here's a peak at my Closet, I redid it about a year ago and got all matching hangers, hah that was such a project!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cult Nails In a Trance & Awakening

Another Amazing person I got to meet at CosmoProf was Maria from R3Daily who created Cult Nails. It was fun chatting with her and hearing her story about how she took a chance and decided to create Cult Nails. Now i have to admit that most of the chatting with Maria happened after we had dinner and drinks with Katie from the painted nail. Which translates to I was pretty "happy" (tipsy). hahah okay I wasn't that bad I only had two cocktails! We tried to find somewhere to go dancing but honestly we failed really bad and just ended up going to some other bar and had another drink or two, but back to my story, Maria told me she took one of her daughters to a Fortune teller (or a palm reader) for her birthday and the lady really wanted to read Maria's Fortune but she didn't want her to since she was there mainly for her daughter but the lady did not give up. The Fortune Teller said she had a strong pull to Maria so she finally said okay, now being "tipsy" i don't remember the exact thing she told her but it was something to the effect that she sees all these colors around her and how this will bring her success. I remember Maria mentioned she was having all these intense dreams about starting her company around that time too and seeing the fortune teller just confirmed that she had to just do it.

 Now that i've officially told you guys the worst story ever since i remember half of it myself i think it's time to shut up and share with you guys two colors from Cult Nails Fail Collection! I hope you enjoyed my drunks guide to the creation of Cult Nails!

Cult Nail Polish can be purchased online at Cult Nails . They retail $10.00 a piece and every now and then they have promos so become a facebook fan HERE to keep up with the latest Cult Nails News!
Some nail art I whipped up using the two colors. I call it "Stormy Waters"
In A Trance (Sun)


This is not a color I'm naturally drawn to but I have to say once on the nails it was very nice. I was surprised at how well it went with my skin tone since I sorta pegged it as a color that would only look good for darker skin tones. It's such a lovely rich olive color. Even the Husband noticed it and liked it! I don't have any exact dupes of this color but I feel like there are a few similar colors to this one. Oh I also have to say that while wearing this I often thought of snake skin and teenage mutant nina turtles. 
Sun, love the golden shimmer that comes out to play in the sun!

With Flash, This one is considered to be the basic in this Fall collection. It's a dusty teal Creme and once again not a color I'm drawn to but I am impressed with the creme formula on this one. Only took two coats to get opaque. I like this color because a lot of these darker colors like this tend to cross the line and just end up looking black. I don't consider this so basic since i've gone through my collection and i don't have anything close to this shade. It's a much darker teal than I'm used to seeing. If you guys are aware of some similar ones let me know!

The other two colors I used for the "wave accents" were Jesse's Girl Glee and Sally Hansen's a Girl's Best Friend

With Flash

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