Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quick Update!

Well my loves I made it in Vegas in one piece! The past week was crazy busy for me with packing for my trip and making sure i got caught up on all my work before my vacation. The little time i usually get for posts disappeared! I really tried to go through and get some posts done but i ran out of time packing and doing my nails and before i knew it it was time to get on the plane and I was up all night. Hah So glad that i'm finally caught up and can stop running around with my head cut off! (okay breathe Katherine!)  So of course I'm in Vegas because of the CosmoProf show and I'm staying for a full week turning this into much needed vacation. So forgive me if I might appear to be MIA, I'm here and I'll be back on track with some very exciting posts including my Highlights of CosmoProf. I've also contacted a few bloggers I enjoy to do a guest post for me. So hopefully it won't be too dead over here in the next week.

Thanks for your understanding and just know that i'm thinking of all of you!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Borghese's Chroma

Here's my last old swatch to share. This was the base for the American Flags I did for July 4th. I have to say this is one amazing silver. I have a few similar colors( orly's shine, color club's what a drag, la colors's electric?, and wet n'wild silvivor) like this in my collection but this one seems to outshine them all and the name is perfect because it's like having freshly chromed nails when wearing this. This is part of Borghese's new Rapido collection and so far I've gotten really good results from this line. They're opaque in one coat and they dry super fast so Borghese really lives up to the Rapido claims! Oh and I have to mention I love the double paint brush on the Borghese polishes. Basically nothing but good things to say about this one, Borghese tends to be on the pricey side but if you find it on sale I recommend picking it up!
So Shiny It hurts! 

Bonus Pic: Since the swatch is the base from my 4th of July Manicure here's a look at my 4th of July Look. Nothing too special just a super nice red lip and a nice bold blue eyeliner!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Complete Salon: Yellow Kitty

This is a swatch I did a few weeks ago and I never got around to posting it. I'm not a fan of yellow polishes and in my whole collection besides the color black, yellow is color I have the least of. This is one I picked up thinking oh I'll never wear this but I want it, and after seeing everyone doing a lot of yellow I was like okay I'm gonna wear yellow. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed wearing it so I'm totally open to wearing yellow again! I don't remember having any issues with the application. 

I have one more swatch from the past so to speak and then I'll post up my new nail length. Still long but I trimmed them down since I let the thumb really grow out like a weed! I'll put a teaser pic in Twitter (link to pic) so if you're really curious you can see it there since it might be a few days. 

It looks so yummy in this picture! Anyone have any Banana Runts they can send me, I'm craving them when I look at this picture!

With Flash


Monday, July 25, 2011

Guess My Stash Contest Winner!

First of all thank you to all of you who entered! I did not think i'd get this many people interested especially since it was only a week long contest! So here is what all of you have been waiting for the total in the original contest picture is :

1393 Bottles

So therefore the closest guess was from reader Destiny Pingle. She's got a pretty cool blog you can check out here. Destiny's guess was 1392 which I have to say is pretty damn close! I did a guess myself and i guessed 1336. hah boy was i way off! Thank you all for your guesses and for making this fun! 

After I package up the prize I will have a total of 1390 bottles since I bought a few last week. So only 10 away from 1400!

Below is a picture of the polish all nicely sorted and I'm surprised I was able to sort them all and count them in the week I gave myself since this was something I've been wanting to do for a while now! Also i took a few close ups of the drawers if you wanna to check them out have a look and they can be blown up by clicking on them. 

Last thing if you have not entered my 400 follower giveaway there is still time to do so. there is a link for it on the right hand side.
So Rainbowtastic!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Glitter Bomb with OPI's Mad As A Hatter

The last nail art theme was Glitter Bomb and so for this nail art I knew I wanted to use Mad as a Hatter since I've been sitting on it for what seems like months. I also knew I wanted to put some bad little bomb guys on my nails so that when they blow up there's glitter everywhere! So of course I painted two little bad bob-omb guys. I also wanted to do a swatch of MAAH and I don't usually use my right hand for that but since my left had my bomb guys on there I let my right hand have a little fun. I do take care of both hands but I do admit that my right hand does not get the same attention as my left. I know I'm bad! I usually don't go this far out of the box with manicures since I usually have both hands matching, but i think it turned out very well. Maybe in the future I won't be too scared to get a little crazy! So one quick note about the Application of MAAH, It was crazy thick in fact it only took me one coat for each finger since the polish was super thick. I didn't really mind it since it made the job super quick. If it wasn't so opaque it'd be a problem but it turned out great. So here's some pics for you guys to take a look at! 

A quick reminder Tomorrow is the last day to enter your guess for the Guess my Stash Contest. I will announce the winner on Monday so if you haven't guessed already go and do it!


Close up of the bob-omb I put on my thumb, I really really loved him but I wish I put him on a lighter background, or made the pink version of him.

This is also in the shade, I love how the colors came out here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tarte's Amazonian Clay Classic Glamour

If you guys can't tell by now I'm truly in love with Tarte Cosmetics. Today I have yet another review of one of the sets that is available via QVC. The main reason I bought this set was because I was wanting the brow mousse. I just needed something small and compact to put in my make up bag and when I saw this I knew I needed it. So alone the brow mousse sells for $28.00 and this whole kit goes for $48.00, so it only made sense to me to add the extra 20 bucks to get the whole set. It may seem pricey but if you look at all that you're getting it's a super value, the cheek stain retails for 30.00, the mascara goes for 19.00, the eyeliner is approx 20, the lip gloss is another 19 or so, and we haven't even looked at the eye shadows or the brushes. So This was a huge value for me to say the least.

Everything in this set is great I've had this now for maybe a month and besides the brow mousse which I use everyday(stays in place all day! They say you could even go swimming in it and it won't come off!) I really love the gloss, it's a really dark vampy color, not one i'd go for but boy does does it make a statement. I'm glad to have it in my collection and it smell so yummy! The black eyeliner has a super smooth application, and I like that it has some light sliver sparkles since well we all have the basic black eyeliner already. It's fun to have that choice and it's not like it shows up really flashy in the picture you'll notice that the sparkles aren't really noticeable at all. The cheek stain I use every now and then but honestly I prefer the other Tarte Amazonian 12 hour blushes I have and it's just because I like the other colors  a little better, but this one is nice from time to time. My only negative about this set was that my angled brow brush arrived all bent and because of that I don't like to use it, I use another brush I already had , but I love the giant spoolie on the other end of this brush so it's not a complete waste.

I can't tell you enough how much I love this kit, the look you get is truly Glamours and I love how easy it is to put together such a great look for going out in no time. Below I have some pics using this kit the only other thing I used that wasn't in the kit was the Tarte amazonian clay foundation. I've worn this a few times and I'm showing you the complete looks from two different days, only because I really liked the pictures : ) ! I forget to mention how great the eye shadow colors go together , a quick sexy eye look with little effort. Perfection!

When I last checked the only brow mousse they have available in this kit on QVC is in the Taupe, which is generally for blonde, grey, red hair, light brown can also use it. The color I got was the medium brown. If you are interested here is the Link to Buy on QVC .

  • 1-oz Amazonian clay-infused cheek stain in Perfect Mauve
  • 0.1 oz emphasEYES Amazonian clay waterproof shadow/liner in Shimmering Black Night
  • 0.24 fl oz Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara
  • 0.18 oz emphasEYES Amazonian clay-infused eye shadow trio in Shimmering Gold, Rich Shimmering Bronze, and Matte Chocolate Truffle
  • 0.1 oz emphasEYES Amazonian clay-infused waterproof brow mousse in Taupe, Medium Brown, or Rich Brown
  • 0.20 oz vitamin-infused lip gloss in Sheer Merlot
  • Double-ended eyeliner brush
  • Double-ended brow brush

From Left to Right: Shimmering Gold, Matte Chocolate Truffle, Rich Shimmering Bronze

From Left to right, Lip Gloss, Cheek Stain, Brow mousse, shadow/liner, Eye shadows : Bronze, Chocolate Truffle, and Gold 

With Flash

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I showed you mine now, You show me yours!!

So I shared with you guys a picture of my nail polish collection , now I wanna see what some of your collections look like! Send me pics of your stash by putting them up on the Manicure Addict facebook page or by e-mailing them to me and I will take those pics and bring them over to a dedicated new page on my blog. Also please if you have a blog include the link so that I can put the link with your picture.  Just thought it'd be a fun way to do a reader link share instead of the usual boring list. Tell me what you think of this idea!

You can also share your make up stashes if you are more proud of that! Plus don't worry if you have a small or large collection. All are welcome!!

Happy Hump Day!

Here's a link to the new page . the link is also at the top of the page right under the header.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nubar's Peacock Feathers

Duo-chromes are always such fun to wear but such a pain to photograph, well atleast for me! You would think I learned my lesson after wearing Chanel's Perdoit that I would give duo-chromes a break. Since polishes like this require millions of photos and even then none of them really capture how amazing they are. Peacock feathers has always been one I wanted to wear but after swatching a finger i'd always pick something else. It just never really hit the spot when i've got other more cheerful colors to pick from. So anyway I finally just grabbed it and got it over with. The polish in the bottle is like a crazy oil spill rainbow and i have to say this polish does a decent job of looking like that on the nail. does require a few coats to build up the color i did 3-4. This is also a discontinued color so it will be a little harder to find but I did spot it on Ebay so if you really want it keep an eye out for it. So without further ado here's a bunch of pics showing off some of it's many looks.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hateful Comments: They happen!

First of all I promise to get a post with some nail polish up soon but this was something i've always wanted to address but never had the energy to really do. With the new wave of followers I think it's a good time to nip this in the butt.

There will always be people out there who get pleasure out of putting others down. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but there is always a time and a place for those opinions. There used to be a saying if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything, but seems like that's something that just doesn't apply anymore. The internet is just full of people who feel like they can bash others safely from the comforts of their home without any repercussions. Just because you can hide behind your screen and you don't see the hurt and pain you've caused someone doesn't make these hurtful opinions justified.

Now I feel that i'm pretty lucky to have such amazing followers who are truly sweet and supportive and i honestly love the feedback I get. I read each comment and it means a lot to me that you guys take the time to read my posts and leave me comments. Honestly it's the comments you guys leave that make the whole blogging experience worthwhile. It just makes me sick to my stomach that  people are bullying others the way they are. Now I haven't seen a lot of abuse here in fact I'll share all the hateful comments i've gotten with you guys. But I'm hoping maybe some of you will think twice before you purposefully say mean and hurtful things to each other because you never know what a person has been through and you don't know where that abuse might push them.

So I used to filter each comment but with the contest up I removed that so your comments would post right away so you can see each other's guesses and well honestly it's been a while since anyone had anything nasty to say. Plus I really don't like having to babysit comments. So the day after I lower my guard so to speak I got a pretty little comment that just had hate all over it.

I've removed these off my site but since I have nothing to hide I want to lay all the nasty ones out for everyone to see....

  • Just have to say your nails are the ugliest on purpose manicure I've ever seen. Does a 5 year old do your acrylics or do your nails grow wonky like that? Don't be so damn cheap, go get your nails done if you are going to tout yourself as a professional nail blogger! I can't stand to look at your disgusting nails for another second. Maybe you can con some nail salon into doing your nails for free ad space or sponsorship. 
  • Your nails make me want to wretch. Ugh.....
  • I'm sorry but your nails are really awful! they are in no way beautiful :( they reminds me horror films! look at the other girls, they have quite long but not so long nails and it really looks nice and attractive. I don't want to distress you, it's just my opinion.
  • The polish is gorgeous but your nails are hideous really, they might look lovely even a tiny bit shorter. You should at least cut them down to the point where that awful bend is gone. And the shape is atrocious.
  • Cut your damn nails jesus christ.
  • Please please please cut your nails. The way your index finger nail curves differently from the rest is somewhat creepy. You're such a pretty girl but your nails take away from your beauty. Don't you want people to look at your beautiful face and not your overly long nails??
I don't want to sound like i'm over here crying , I'm not I just want to address that these type of comments are completely unnecessary and just downright rude. Also they don't phase me anymore I'm at a point in my life where I stopped trying to please everyone and the main person I make sure is happy is me. When I got into nail polish 9 months ago my nails weren't long. I didn't think oh i want really long nails, they just sorta started to grow. Since I was wearing nail polish they weren't breaking so they got long and I liked the way they looked so therefore I have long nails. It really is that simple. 
If some of you haven't noticed already my index fingers bend down on both hands and well that's just they way they grow, They're clawed nails even if cut my nails it will always have than bend. That's how I was made and I can't change it. I never said I have perfect nails. (but I'd like to think i do!)
These are my real natural nails and because of that they're not going to look super perfect all the time. From time to time I have a break or nail injury and I patch it up and while I try to take the best pictures these imperfections do make their ways into the pictures. I don't consider myself a professional blogger and I honestly don't feel that I've been "Touting" around as one, this is just my hobby. I don't know why they way I chose to do my nails would provoke someone to feel obligated to tell me how much they don't like them. Now if there is someone out there who feels this strong urge to tell me how my nails ruined their life please feel free to do so by sending me an e-mail. I don't want to go back to having to filter comments so if a few slide through I will remove them because I don't think it's fair to others to have to read negative comments because it kills the fun so to speak. As always I didn't mean for this to get so long but I can't help it I love to type : ) 

I enjoy my nails they make me happy and if you really don't like them, then tough go worry about your own nails!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guess My Stash Contest! *CLOSED*

This weekend I'm working on getting my nail polish organized. I finally removed all the polish off my work space which was over crowing the place but now I have two many polishes just put into drawers and I have to go through and sort the colors out. I decided to take a picture of it all and I thought to myself woah this is a lot but how many. My mind went back to those days where your teacher would have a jar of candy and the person who'd guess the closest got to keep it.

So then I realized it'd be fun to post the picture and have a little mini contest for you guys. Now of course the person who guesses the closest number will NOT be getting my entire collection but i did go through a pick a little mini prize. In the picture below is my entire collection at the moment.

Rules: I wanna keep this simple

1. You must be a Follower via GFC.
2. One Guess per person, and please if someone already took your number go with a different number
3. Please leave me either an email address or twitter name where i can contact you if you win

The person with the closest number wins the prize : ) , I'm looking for the total number of all the bottles in the picture. * OPEN TO ALL READERS*

Contest will end next weekend on Sunday July 24th @11:59pm. I gotta get sometime time to go through and count these babies! 

This is a full size picture so you can blow it up even larger by clicking on it. The orange basket in the middle are my duplicate polishes.

The Prize:
Top To Bottom: Maybelline Colorama sonic sunset flakie, SH I Pink I Can, SH Commander in Chic, and the three Tropez polishes have no names

Swatches of the colors

Also my 400th follower Giveaway is still up and running don't forget to enter that if you haven't already!

Good Luck!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

China Glaze's Medallion

This is one I never got around to posting but better late than never. The base here is China Glaze's Turned up turquoise. I love glitters but as we all know they are such a pain to remove so i just decided to do the tips since it'd be quicker to remove. So I did CG's Medallion on the tips and then I finished off the manicure with Essence Space Queen over the whole nail which is the delicate glitter you can see on the upper part of the nail. Yay for Glitter!
On a side note Monday's nail art theme for the Polish-acholics Anonymous is going to be glitter bomb... So there is more glitter in my future!! I've got a few ideas brewing, I can't wait to see what our facebook group comes up with!! P.S. if you haven't joined the group go do it, its a great way to interact with other nail polish lovers!

With Flash

oh look at all the sparkles!

With Flash

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Business Cards From

I'm so super excited to share with you guys the business cards I designed for the website! My mom has been on me since day one to get some made because almost every time I go out I always have someone who chats me up about my nails. I've always ignored her and was like , eh I don't need no stinkin cards for my site, it's not a business therefore I don't need business cards!! 

Well months later here I am sitting on a mountain of business cards and I could not be happier! The main reason I decided to bite the bullet and get some cards was due to the fact that yours truly is going to Las Vegas at the end of the month To COSMOPROF!!  For those of you who aren't aware of what Cosmoprof is , it's basically a Cosmetic Beauty Trade Show. It's not open to the general public and I'm still in awe that I was granted a press pass to attend this Show. So Besides being more than thrilled to attend this show I'm super excited because there are approx 15 other bloggers that are going and I'll get to meet them!! okay I'm practically bouncing up and down here with excitement. Here is a LIST that Krystal from Polish Galore has put together of the other bloggers attending.  

I had to talk my husband into going out to Vegas with me because believe it or not the Hubs did not want to go , but after a week of nagging and begging he caved in. So I'm more than thrilled to be going to Vegas for the first time and to make this trip into a week long vacay!! Okay is it the end of the month yet? Cause I'm now officially ready to go since I now have my Business Cards in hand!

So if you are looking to get some cards made I highly recommend that you check out GotPrint. I've checked out like every possible printing company online and this was the best deal I found and honestly I thought it was too good to be true, but I still went with it. I got 5,000 cards , 16pt card stock (the common you see out there is 13pt, the higher the number the thicker/more expensive) Full Color Front and Back,  for under $61.00 and that included the shipping! Okay why did I get so many, well because it was cheap! I've looked at other sites which I won't name but for the 60 bucks I paid for the same quality card I got I'd only get approx 150 cards so why wouldn't I get a ton of cards?  You can get a lot less for example if I got 500 it would have cost me around $30.00 w/shipping. So for double the money you get 10 times the cards!

The colors and quality on these is so much more than I was expecting!
I gotta get some cards made for my "real job" I will for sure go back to GotPrint for that!

Okay this is box 1 of 2, I will never ever put a dent in this box let alone the second one, but for the price I could not resist ! 

I grabbed a random business card off my desk, here I'm applying the same pressure. My card is on the right. It's a super high quality thick card!

I decided to go with a matte finish on the front and a shiny surface on the back.
Bonus Pic: Okay so I couldn't leave the manicure alone from yesterday I added Psychedelic sunshine on top of it and I gotta say i'm loving it 100% more. The formula on this was super thick and almost gooey. It really brought the whole manicure together for me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Green Gradient Mermaid's Tail Nail Art

So sponging was the theme for today's Monday Nail Art and because I did not feel like talking off my base color ,Peridot I decided to grab some greens and do a gradient design. The stamping was a bit of an after thought once I got done. Funny how some manicures just create themselves! I have to say I'm really happy with this. I don't do a lot of stamping especially on the full nail simply because my nails are too long and I'm not the best stamper. But I gotta say I feel like I did well on this one. There are a few minor spots that are botched but overall nothing major.  

So here is a picture progression of my gradient mani. 

Polishes used: Chanel peridot, Borghese Euro green, Orly It's not rocket science, Orly here comes trouble, (not pictured) stamping: Sally hansen's insta dry jumping jade,  Plate used bm-209

I love how the green tips glow in this picture

I sorta like this more than the full stamp

Close up of final result

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My First Birchbox!! Plus Today's Haul

So it feels like it's been forever since I've gone out shopping for just nail polish. hah you think with the amount of untried polishes I'd stop buying and start using what I have but for me that is easier said than done. I hit up 4 Sally's Today and Ulta. I did also stop by two Big Lots, Ross, Marshalls and the Mall. I gotta say I was pretty tried after a long day of driving around hunting down nail polish deals. My day got even better when I got home because I saw that my first Birchbox made it's way to me! Yay! I decided to buy the year subscription for birchbox which gives you one free month and you get a 10 credit towards any purchase you made through their site. Okay here's the pics of this Month's Box plus my nail polish haul from today : ) !

Not bad for 10 bucks especially since the shipping is included. I'm looking forward to future shipments. This one doesn't have a wow factor for me but I'm not disappointed because I'll definitely use these products! If you are interested in signing up and getting this July box the site says the cut off is the 15th after that your first shipment will be the August box.
I splurged on the Butter london polish, but I always wanted No More Waity Katie. The other polish I got for 2 bucks a piece from sally's except the covergirl, that was a buck at good ol Big Lots

Top Row from Left to Right: Orly here comes trouble, Finger paints Purple Palette, China Glaze's papaya punch
2nd Row: Orly Monroe's Red, Finger Paints psychedelic sunshine, china glaze blue iguana, Cover girl ruby dust
3rd Row: Orly Star of bombay, Finger Paints Outta sight Orange, China Glaze Electric Pineapple, Butter London No More Waity Katie 
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