Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deborah Lippmann's Today was a Fairytale

I have to start off by saying that I have never gotten as many compliments on my nails like I did with this combo on! I wore this to the Tool Show I went up to in Chicago. I was wanting to go with something not as flashy and rather muted. I purchased the last bottle of of Opi's Sliver Shatter at Ulta and when i got home the bottle was really a mess. It was missing polish and had a really nasty dried up cap mess going on so i decided i was going to return it(which i did : ( ). I was really liking the blue and sliver I had already had in mind so i decided to give DL's Today was Fairytale a try.  So the result was everything but muted. I used two really light coats and believe me it does not take a lot of polish to get this all over your nails. The silver is a really flashy metal glitter and i have to admit i did not rush taking this one off in fact i wore it forever because i enjoyed it so much and everywhere I went I had people telling me how much they loved my nails! I can't wait to wear this one by itself sometime in the future, so far my favorite DL Polish!! Also I wanted to mention that this manicure had amazing staying power, no chips or major tip wear and I wore it FOREVER!!
I wanted to show a bottle shot but i only had this one and it's not the best : (

Last day I threw on a coat of SH's Hidden Treasure. It was Magical!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Revlon Royal

I've heard about this polish here and there but I never seemed to be able to find it. So when I found this beauty at the flea market for $1.50, I snatched it up quickly! This is the only Revlon Top Speed I own at the moment. The Consistency of this polish and the smell is very different from any other polish I've used. It's very "watery" gel but it has amazing coverage. As far as the smell it's sorta bizarre, it's not a stinky chemical smell like some of the cheeps out there but it is smelly and a bit foul. Heh not sure exactly what it reminds me off but i think i would go as far as saying it reminds me of "muted pre-skunk", as in you're in the car and you get that first hint whiff of skunk in your nose. This is like that but not as bad because it never matures into full blown unbearable skunk stink. Hah okay i hope i didn't scare any of you off with that but it is an odd stink this polish has. Stink aside it is AMAZING!! This color is the perfect shade of blue, a lot of darker blues just end up looking like shade of black. This one almost glows with it's blueness! In the pictures you can see the dreaded visible nail line, but in reality you couldn't see it. I used 3 coats but really 2 was more than enough.

I'm so behind on my posting this was done the night before I went to chicago and I was very tired and it took forever to get the last polish off so I still have tiny glitter specks all over my hand in these pics. heh it happens. So Tomorrow I'll post what I layered on top of this and wore to the tool show in chicago. I ended up wearing that combo for more than a week because i got like a million compliments on it. See you guys tomorrow!

no flash, desk lamp in background

with Flash

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flame Nail Art

DL's Ruby Red Slippers reminded me of burning fire embers in the night so I decided to take it to the next level and paint on some flames. I took Deborah Lippmann's My funny valentine and panted on the base of the flames so then I could take the red glitter (Borghese's Scintilla Magic) and paint over it since the red glitter I used was to sheer to just use by itself on top of RRS. After I had my red flame base I added gold glitter (Sally Hansen's Golden Ticket) to enhance the flames a little more. I was really happy with the overall result. Only issue I had was that the next day I had bad shrinkage on the tips from using seche vite over all the polish I used. So please forgive the very visible thumb tip shrinkage in the pics. heh oh and this was such a pain to remove but it was worth it because I really enjoyed it while I had it on. 
Thanks for looking!
Light Box


Monday, May 23, 2011

Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers

I know I have been slacking off a little bit lately so bare with me as I get my act together : )!

This polish is one I've wanted for a while. I have go admit I like looking at the bottle more than the end results on the nail, but It's still a really amazing polish. It's very similar to Bad Romance except it's red instead of purple. I think I had better luck with this one than Bad Romance. Ruby Red did not seem to be as "thirsty" for a top coat and I did not get as much pitting from where the big glitter chunks were. 
This was two coats on top of black base.  if you've been wanting this one go ahead and get it , it's worth it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris

I used this polish for the first time as a base for another color and i was so impressed with it that i decided it deserves it's own post! It is now going to be my go to black polish. 1. The formula on this one is very impressive, it's a nice thick creamy dream that really only needs one coat. Plus check out the shine on this baby, no top coat and it's got a heck of a lot of shine. 2. The price!! It retails for $1.99, I picked it up for a buck when they were half off. It really is a high quality product. When I think back and compare it with Union Jack Black from Butter London, The formulas are very similar and if I had to pick one over the other i'd go with the wet n wild because it's a better value. In fact all of the wet n wild fastdry polishes have really impressed me so if you don't own any they are worth a look because they are a good quality product for super cheap.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flea Market Haul!

So I'm back from my mini business trip to Chicago and boy am I glad to be back home!! I had Zero luck finding anything to buy there and honestly there was not much time to do a lot of shopping. I did hit up some big mall in Schaumburg, IL: Woodfield. The only thing i picked up was some cuticle butter from Lush, Which i've been wanting for a long time. Plus I did hit up an Ulta, which i didn't think would happen, but it was a bust. So no polish came back with me but it's okay because i have more than enough at home. 
Sooooo... Rewind a week or so ago, For Mother's Day me and my mom hit up a Flea Market about an hour away in Anderson SC and we both had some really good luck there. She found a bunch of plants for her garden and I found some beauties to add to my collection. I sorta wanna go back and pick up some more of these because I got them at such an amazing price and they would good to have for any future giveaways ; )! 

A Skittle swatch of the Borghese polishes I picked up from Left to Right: Scintilla Magic( This is a backup i got, This is easily one of my top 5 Polishes of all time!), Nero Magico, Mediterraneo Sea (dries Matte), Purple Confetti (dries Matte), and Ipnotico Gold.  This was with a coat of Seche Vite on top.

I found all this polish at the flea market for $21.00! I usually never have any luck @ the flea market! I made up for it with this trip!
 I'm too lazy to write out the names of all of these but if you'd like to know certain ones just ask and i'll un-lazy myself for you!

Up Close Right View
Up Close Left View

Not sure if I posted this pic of Honey before or not, regardless she says Hello to Everyone!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Website Issues

Just wanted to inform you all incase you were unaware, Blogger is having site issues which has effected a large number of bloggers. Posts have gone missing and there have been issues with leaving comments on posts. I've noticed my post from yesterday has gone from missing to reappearing to missing again so just be aware. I'm sure they're working on getting everything corrected. So yesterday's post should appear again soon if it's not up already.

On a side note, I'm gonna be in Chicago for a 3 day business trip this Saturday-Monday.  You guys won't be hearing from me till Tuesday. I  might pop in on Twitter here and there. I'm hoping i'll have some time to find some nail polish when i'm up there but with this being a "work-related" trip i don't know if i'll have much time to do anything "fun"! Hope everyone has an exciting Weekend.  : ) 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Freehand Nail Art & Last Call to enter Giveaway!

This is the nail art I did on top of Opi Ink Suede. I used Nicole By Opi's Wild Blue Yonder Matte on top and OPI Alpine Snow Matte for the dots. It was quick, easy and the colors really appealed to me. 

Just wanted to give the last heads up for those who have not entered my giveaway, today is the last day to enter.  I love reading all the comments you guys have left when entering the giveaway, they make me giggle , they warm my heart and they make doing the blog worthwhile. So Thank you to those of you who have entered and thank you to all of you for reading and keeping up with me. I will try to announce the winner within the next day or two. 

Today is the LAST day to enter the giveaway.
Enter Here (CLOSED)

Friday, May 6, 2011

BYS Cracked Nail Polish

So a few days ago I shared with you guys the Mood polishes (review here ), Today it's the Crackle's turn! I'm rather mixed on these. I hated them at first and then after wearing them I started to like them more. First of all The kits are nice but unnecessary If you are interested in the Crackle polish just go after that. Why? Well the whites in the kits were both the same "French White" and well it's got that really bad cheap chemical smell to it. I'm not a fan of stinky polishes and I never use them, but to do a proper review I endured through it. Only positive about that is that the smell does ware off after a few hours. On the other hand the neon blue polish in the one kit was not a stinky polish and the application was closer to what the mood polishes were, which they were great! The actual Crackle polish does stink a little but it is almost muted compared to the white polish and top coat, so i didn't mind it as much.

So I used the hot pink first, yes it's super hot pink, I had no clue taking a picture of hot pink was going to be near impossible. The hotness doesn't quite come across in my pictures but I loved the color so much that the next day I had to get all hot pinked out with matching dress and jewelry and I even changed my pedicure to a similar hot pink. I love it when a color inspires your outfit for the day.

 I ended up wearing it for two days, and I have to say one issue with this crackle is it starts to chip after about a day, which isn't too bad since it sorta looks like it's part of the design. I used the top coat that came with the kit on one hand and on the other I used seche vite. The SV after a day or so just wanted to peel off in one piece on almost all the nails, when I say that it was just the clear coat that was peeling not the colored polish. The other top coat didn't do that but it was prone to chipping off. I also wanted to see how the neon green would look over the hot pink, that was a fail, the crackle dried up and just fell off, I've had that happen with the neon pink when I first swatched it over the opi ink suede I was wearing, so I would say this only works when you have a freshly painted base that's sorta tacky for the crackle to adhere to. 

Application: decent, crackle polishes any brand tend to be difficult because you have to try to paint the thinest coat which sometimes can be hard. I did have a problem with the pink crackle, the one over the blue, it was very thick and gooey, I tried to thin it out a little and well BYS doesn't have any metal balls in the bottles which made the polish very difficult to thin out. I had no issues with the hot pink or bright green.

Final Verdict: Fun to wear, but there is no lasting power. I'd say pick up a color or two you like if you're gonna get some of their mood polishes. I've included the links for each color under the pictures so if you are interested check it out. BYS is a brand out of Australia and you can get them shipped to the states, shipping is 15.95 AUD which comes out to $17.27 dollars. They have 15 different crackle colors available now.

Link for BYS Nail Polish Sets
Hot Pink Cracked Nail Polish

Bright Green Cracked Nail Polish

Bright Green turned out to be my favorite out of the three I tried

Pink Cracked Nail Polish
I used white under the neon blue to make it pop more but when the pink crackled it crackled into some of the white, which made for a more interesting look 
 Products were sent to me for review

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BYS Color Changing Mood Polishes

I should split this post into two or more but I rather keep them all together, So forgive the insane amount of pictures and enjoy! 

These polishes really exceeded my expectations, I've used mood polish before from Claire's and I had issues with application where they were somewhat streaky and difficult, so I was expecting similar results with these but all I got was smooth sailing. These all dry with a matte look but once you put on a top coat they are super shiny and dreamy looking. It's hard to pick a favorite out of the bunch because they're all really nice. My two stand outs in the bunch were Bright Purple( I did this one last so I could wear it for a few days) and Salmon (not my usual color picks but it has a nice tropical feel, also reminds me of a peach or mango ). My least favorite colors were Royal Blue and Bright pink. Those two didn't do too much for me and it's only because the warm & cool colors were very similar and even though you could tell there were two different colors it wasn't a very drastic change. Also the glitter ones along with the bright purple were rather sheer, took a few coats but they were worth the extra work! 
Overall These Polishes are really fun to wear!

I've included the links for each color under the pictures so if you are interested check it out. BYS is a brand out of Australia and you can get them shipped to the states, shipping is 15.95 AUD which comes out to $17.27 dollars. Not too bad if you pick up several colors, They also have crackle polishes ( review here ) along with other make up items.  

Monday, May 2, 2011

OPI Ink Suede

I had no clue this color was this amazing! It's a purple that sometimes looks like a royal blue, but it's a purple without any doubt. I don't have the original OPI Ink and from what i've seen online they are completely different. Which means I will be hunting down a bottle of it since I like this one soooo much! 
So when I picked this one up I just sorta bought it to buy it, I had no clue how stunning it was. It really came in handy, since I was really sick of my last manicure and did not have time to do a full mani from start to finish with removing polish and all that good stuff, so i used this to paint right on top of the old and instantly it covered up the old one in just one coat! It's a suede finish and if you ask me it might as well be labeled matte. There's supposed to be a difference between the two, like the suede has a shimmer finish to it. Honestly to me it's the same animal. This is a great color to use when you're in a rush and want something new because in just a coat or two you have a new color and you don't have to worry about dry time, it dries within a few seconds and you can see when it's dry so no worries on messing up your new paint job! 
I do have one word of advice, try to to sit there with the bottle open for tooo long because you will notice that the paint on the rim of the bottle will want to dry up and when it does you end up pushing dried bits back into the bottle so try not to waste too much time and recap here and there. 

In the last two pics I slapped on some top coat on the ends so you can see what it looks like with a shine. Either way this polish looks great and is a nice one to have in your collection. If i see anymore polishes from the suede line I will be picking them up!
Inside under lamp

Close up of bottle in Sunlight

Up Close Sunlight
W/Top Coat on ends

W/Top Coat on ends

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