Thursday, March 31, 2011


In case you are not a member here is a link to join. There's no charge and they always have new sales all the time....

Lately I have become addicted to Hautelook. They've had several really high end make up companies featured and I have 100% taken advantage of the sales. I'm gonna have to do another haul post to show all all the goodies i've picked up from there :)

So I thought I should let you guys know just in case you didn't know ...
Today Urban Decay is on there and the sale starts @ 8am Pacific and for those on the East coast like me 11am. 

I would recommend that you check it out sooner than later cause stuff will sale out and once it's gone it's gone. I'm hoping they have another sale like last time where it was 2 bucks an item. But i love UD makeup so much that anything cheaper than the average 20 bucks sounds great to me.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Illamasqua's Snap

This is my first and only Illamasqua polish in my collection and i gotta say after swatching this one i wish i had more. The end look was really nice, but i did have some difficulty with the thickness of the polish which made the application a tad hard. Because of this i also had some streaking issues.  This darker shade of silver is one I did not have in my collection so for me i had to have it, but if you have some similar already then this polish isn't really a "must have". 
Till Next Time!


no flash

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last Few Hauls

I have been so bad lately... Most of these I got a few weeks ago. A lot of these I got from A fellow blogger I found on Ebay who actually lives less than a hundred miles from me so we actually met up and it was nice to meet someone who shares a passion for nail polish. There are also some I picked up at the flea market , Ulta, Ross and even hautelook. There's a few too many polishes here so if there are any colors you would like to know what they are just ask.

I picked all these beauties up from fellow nail blogger Ilectra @
These are my finds from K-Mart, Hautelook, Flea Market and Ulta
Picked these up @ Ross

Bonus Pic: Kitty Cat Eating Train :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zoya Crystal with Blue Make-up Look

Having a hard time with words tonight so i'll make this quick since my brain is not working too well tonight.  This polish is pretty sweet. I'm a tad upset that I wasn't able to capture it's true beauty with the pictures I took.
 Here is a link to my favorite shots of this beauty from Michele @ Lacquerized:

Also I posted some pics of me after I was playing around with a blue look. hah i know they are silly, i hope you guys get a good laugh from them

Okay so my conclusion: Zoya is Duh, Winning! with this one
With Flash
Direct Sunlight
Outdoors in the shade, see those gold flecks... yummy!
close up with flash

My Freaky Blue look I came up with after a midnight session of playing around with my makeup, I made the blue lipstick out of some loose mineral shadow, it's not something i'd wear out in public. it wore off some by the time I took this pic. 
Close up of the eye makeup, I did the whole eye black and then put white over the black and it turned an interesting silver. Finished it off with a liquid blue eye liner and blue pencil liner on the bottom
I got rid of the blue and put on some regular lipgloss, which made this look more normal and not as creepy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DEL SOL Nail Polish HAUL!!

A few years ago I went on a cruise to the Caribbean and at the time I was not into nail polish, but i did remember how there were Del Sol Stores everywhere and how they had nail polish. Fast forward a few year later... My Parents-in-Law were going to St.Maarten and I asked them if they could locate a bottle of this color changing polish and bring me back one. When they came back home I was Shocked that they brought home 8 of these beauties!  Yay!! Okay so if you haven't heard of this polish or of Del Sol, they have a whole store full of touristy stuff that once the sun hits it it changes colors or "comes to life" with colors.  These polishes are really unique, at first i thought they were rather dull looking , but once the sun hits them they instantly because really vibrant.  Just be careful when you buy this that you are picking up a full bottle of polish , One of the bottles my father in law picked up had a nice little dent in it, and a few looked like they might have been sampled a few times. Besides that little annoying tidbit they are really great additions to my collection

From Left to Right: Peek a boo, Beach Bum, Secret Crush, Flirt, Electrick, Surfer Girl, Spike, Ruby Slipper

No Sun

From Left to Right: Peek a boo, Beach Bum, Secret Crush, Flirt, Electrick, Surfer Girl, Spike, Ruby Slipper

No Sun

No Sun
From L to R: Peek a boo, Beach Bum, Secret Crush, Flirt

No Sun
From L to R: Electrick, Surfer Girl, Spike, Ruby Slipper

Monday, March 21, 2011

My St. Patrick's Day Look. Plus New Haircut

Better late than never! Okay so I've almost caught up here. So I stamped this on really really late at night. Why was I up @ 4am, I dunno, but i really wanted my nails to be more festive than just green for St. Patty's day. I stamped the white tiny flowers on first using BM10 and then i used Sally hansen's Insta Dry Jumpin Jade to Stamp the clovers on from the BM03 plate. First time using another polish besides the konad polishes to stamp with and i was really excited it worked. It was quick and easy and turned out to be just wanted a wanted. I threw in some bonus shots of myself with a before and after showing off my new hair cut. Hope you guys enjoy!
The Complete look: hair , makeup and nails all done did for St. Patricks. I was also sporting some green shoes and green purse. hah I really like the color green. I wish more holidays let me celebrate colors like that.
with flash
indoors, with sunlight

Showing off my favorite hair product. This stuff is magic in a bottle! I love Paul Mitchell products, really helps me tame the curl, or go straight sleek!

Before Hair Cut
My New Hair Cut! Went to go see my old hair stylist. This guy always gives me the best haircuts. If you are anywhere near Greenville, SC then seek out Todd Burns at Artistic Cutters!

OPI KATY PERRY CONTEST: Can't believe I was a winner!!

So today has been a great day! I get home and go online and see that I was one of the 5 winners in the OPI Katy Perry Contest! Hooray Me and Honey did it! I did not get the grand prize but that is quite alright with me because I will be getting the whole OPI Katy Perry Polish line and her last CD which are things that I have been secretly wanting. So looking forward to getting these. Here's a link to check out the other winners!


Here's the link to my post with the manicure I entered:

The Love of my life: Honey Manicure!!

Nubar Reclaim

I have been busy lately and my blog has been suffering a little because of this. So please forgive my lateness on this. I'll post the stamping I did for St.  Patrick's Day tomorrow. This color is now one of my favorite greens that I own. But what's not to like here, a great shade of holo green! It's not as holo as some of the OPI DS polishes i own , but that's okay with me. It applied well and gave me great coverage. I did two coats, then did a top coat and finished with one more coat of reclaim to make sure the holo really came through. Nubar did an amazing job with this one!



outside , sunlight


outside, sunlight

My Eye look I did to match this polish

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Butter London : Union Jack Black w/stamping

So I grabbed this black since I've never used it and oh boy is it nice!! It goes on like Butter, heh that's prob why they have the word butter in the company name! okay yah I know corny. Really smooth application and didn't need a lot of coats, also dries super shiny, i did throw on a coat of seche vite on top just to smooth it out between the two different colors. So I wanted to try out a mix between a ruffian manicure and the heart version of it i've seen, but honestly it didn't quite turn out like i wanted, i should have gone down a little lower and left some space around the sides, but hey there's always next time, i still really enjoyed it a lot. I love the black with the sparkly raspberry underneath.  I added on the stamping to make it a little more interesting. I used the same polish as my base for the stamping. I took Borghese Vingeto berry and mixed it a bit with clear coat since it's a matte polish it was drying too fast so I needed to add some regular polish so i could buy myself some extra time. I used the VB because it is a thicker polish which is what you need when you're stamping. I think it turned out really well on top of the shiny black. Looked really cool sorta like a ghost stamp but with a hint of color. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Borghese Vigneto Berry

This polish was quite a surprise for me. It dries Matte and at first I had no plans of wearing it matte, but once I painted my nails and took a look at them I was pleasantly surprised that I was actually digging the matte look. It was a tad difficult to paint them because the polish is a bit thick and globby even but easy does it with this one. So the Matte look is quite interesting , it's textured and a little bit rough but not too bad, I've seen other pics of this online and the results others had seemed rougher than what I ended up with. So I loved it matte but with a shiny top coat this looked completely different. I had to use 2 coats of Seche Vite to get it nice and smooth looking. This was an unexpected beauty, I would buy this one again, it's got two different looks and the color is simply gorgeous. It might be hard to find since it was part of Borghese fall collection last year, but if you come across it I highly recommend it.
(matte)Indoors with Flash

W/Top Coat Sunlight
(Matte) Here you can see how the matte polish was a bit rough, reminds me of the natural fruit roll-ups for some reason : ). 
W/Top Coat Sunlight.... So Stunning!!!
W/Top Coat, indoors no flash

Monday, March 14, 2011

LORAC Makeup on HauteLook

Just wanted to give a heads up that Lorac make-up will be featured on Hautelook today 8 AM P . On their Facebook they said some items will start at $1.99. If you are not a member of Hautelook, go and signup! There is no charge and they have different sales everyday like shoes, clothes, bags, everything!! I love them since i've gotten quite a few great deals on there. Tomorrow they will have fusion beauty and Alison Raffaele makeup. I've also heard Urban Decay is coming up within a week or so. So go check it out.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

CLARINS 230!!!! Pic Heavy

I never thought I would own this polish, I've been stalking it on Ebay for quite some time and I never thought it was reasonable to pay the price it was going for, that is until i saw one auction where it was 2 for $106.00, with shipping. For $53.00 a bottle I caved in. If you have been wanting this beauty check out Ebay now, there are several on there for decent prices. The cheapest I've seen on there today was 60 w/shipping. When they came in the mail I was still wearing DL's Bad Romance, I couldn't wait I just painted it right on top. I enjoyed the random specks of purple glitter underneath 230, made it more interesting. 230 is a very sheer color and it would prob take a good 4-5 coats to build up the color so it's best to layer it on top of another color so you don't end up using all of your polish up too soon.

I really enjoyed this color because it's so unique with color sparkles from red, orange to green. It was always exciting. I am looking forward to layering it on top of a lighter color next time. So don't be surprised if you see another 230 post in the near future. One word to describe this polish : PERFECTION!!

I did another post about Clarins 230 you can check out More Swatches Here!

I'll let the pictures Speak for themselves...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance

I feel in love with this polish the moment I saw it online. I'm a big purple lover so I knew I'd have to have this beauty. Now if only it was true love, but it wasn't. I had more issues with this polish that made it hard for me to want to keep wearing it. Okay so a good surprise was that I didn't need a base coat on this one because there was really good coverage , didn't think that would be the case with it being a jelly but it was. I did three coats would have been fine with just two but i wanted more larger pieces of glitter. I topped it off with seche vite and I was good to go. I sat back admiring the polish and went about with my day. So maybe a hour later I'm checking out my mani and it was gritty and dull looking. So okay i'll put on another layer of seche vite no big problem. Okay I gave up refreshing this mani with a fresh top coat after maybe the 3rd time, also i did use a regular top coat as well, but it made no difference. I've never had such a thirsty polish!! I then had an issue where it looked pitted from where the larger pieces of glitter were.  The outside pic I have up is really the 2nd day of wear and I got shrinkage from the seche vite because I had to keep topping off the nails with it and also I got shrinkage on the top towards the cuticles that did not look really nice, it messed up and made it look like I did a bad job painting my nails (hah which we all know is impossible, hahah(I wish) ). I just wanted to share how it looked after two days I don't have this happen with a lot of nail polishes on day 2. I know it's not pretty but it's the truth!! I did not have this issue with Across the Universe but then again I did paint it on top of another similar nail polish color, maybe this one would be better on top of one coat of black. but i dunno prob wouldn't make a difference. For the price I paid I wish my results were different.
under a lamp
Flash and under a lamp, I like how in this pic it goes from pinkish to purple!
Sunlight Day 2, mega shrinkage from cuticle to tip from Seche Vite since this polish was Thirsty!!!!
Inside with Flash
Outside sunlight, close up of the pitting issue I had with the polish
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