Monday, February 28, 2011

My Chihuahua, Honey Pictures (Really Pic Heavy)

So i finally updated yesterday's Manicure post with more detailed pictures and added a description so if you didn't see it yet go take a look , here's the LINK . I finally got it done!!

So I just wanted to share with all of you guys pictures of my doggy Honey. She'll be 13 in April. I have millions of pics of this sweet baby and it was hard to choose some of my favorites these are mostly from the past 4 years. Older pics are on another computer and this is more than enough, in fact it's tooo much but hey it's tough to just pic out a few when they're all sooo cute! okay also these are in no order, other animals you'll see are Lucky (her son), Carbi the grey tabby and Sophie the super cute kitten who will be 1 years old in like a week.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Honey Manicure!!!

I want to introduce you guys to my beloved pet, Honey. I have had Honey since i was a teenager and in April She will be turning 13. She shares a birthday with my father. I used to have her son Lucky he shared a b-day with one of my brothers. I lost Lucky last year to cancer and because of that i cherish all the time i  get to spend with Honey. Those two are like my Children since I have none.

So Honey has CHF which stands for congestive heart failure. Her heart is also enlarged which is now pushing her trachea. There is a lot of coughing that happens because of this, her heart doesn't pump properly so blood flows into her lungs and she coughs trying to get the fluid out of her lungs and lately the cough is worse because of the trachea being conpressed. She is currently on 5 different medications and without these meds I would have lost her a long time ago. I could get into more detail but i doin't want to bore you guys : ) She is an amazing dog and She is such a strong Bad Ass little dog. I get to bring her to work with me everyday and she loves going to work with me. hah She doesn't do much but sleep and if we have visitors over she might bark here or there but mostly she sleeps. This dogs loves to sleep!

So about the Manicure.... it was a pain!!! Honey is a Chihuahua and so therefore she has a great "ear-spanage" going on, hah i swear if she could she would fly around with those. Well very difficult to do since my nails are only so wide. Compared to most people i have really narrow nails so even though they are really long they aren't wide enough to achieve what I was wanting to. I did this all with a small nail art brush and i wanted to quit like every 5 seconds. On my right hand i decided to use a sharpie for the outlining and it worked pretty well, not the best but i had a little more control with it than with the brush.  for honey i used SH's 24 karat.  My favorite nail turned out to be the middle finger on my left hand but i do like the crazied looking pinkie finger one as well. I've got some honey pics to share but i'll put it in another post since it's like 30 pics and this one is already pic heavy.  Enjoy!!
So much easier to draw on paper than it is on nails!!
My Honey Bun approves of the Manicure!! 

Left Hand

Right Hand: okay yes fingernail on my middle finger is shorter, it broke a while ago and i just got tried of patching it. I had a fake nail on it at one point and now i just don't care it is long enough for me and it is catching up. Also my thumb nail is shorter as well same story. 
Left Hand

I entered this into opi's Katy perry contest on facebook. Go check it out on their facebook page if you are interested in entering. I entered under the "Love of your life" theme

50 Follower GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!

First of All, Thank You to all of you who entered my giveaway! I appreciate each and everyone of you. Okay onto the good stuff...  My winner is.....


E-mail has been sent please respond with the next 72 hours!! 

Okay here is a little preview of the manicure I will be posting for tomorrow.... This is a practice sketch i drew before i got to work... Also here's a ultra scary picture of my bad-ass dog Honey who was my inspiration. I can't wait to share with you guys!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OPI DS Classic

Sometimes it can be very difficult picking which nail polish to use next. I tend to want a completely different color from what I was just wearing. After having a dark navy color I felt like I had to cleanse my nails with a nice neutral color. I've had my eye on DS Classic ever since I got it but the timing was never right. Honestly this isn't a color I'm in love with but I have to say it is very refreshing since my last mani was a darker colored one. One of the most surprising factors about this polish is how well it applies and how it's perfect in just two coats. I went ahead and did 3 coats because i did not use a top coat and i wanted more protection. Also I love how the DS polishes have a nice shine and gloss by themselves without a top coat. A lot of other holos dry matte and tend to be very flat looking, but that is not the case with Classic, it's super shinny and dries really quickly all on it's own without the help of a top coat like seche vite.  The holo factor is there but it's not as loud as others i've used. This is a "classic" beauty and a nice addiction to any collection!
with Flash




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Just a reminder that my First giveaway is going to be ending in the next few days(2/25/11). Don't forget to enter if you haven't done so already.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nfu-oh 45: Guest Manicure My Mom

I knew when I saw this polish in person it would be perfect for my mom. She loves Orange and for me Orange is one of my least favorite colors , I take that back I like it better than brown, hah. So I had her come over for a quick manicure since it's been a while since I painted her nails. At first my mom was a bit hesitant since she knew the polish is a tad pricey but after i convinced her that she was well worth it x100 and that it would take me more than a hundred lifetimes to use all the polish I owned she was caved in. So actually I layered this over color club's amp'd up. It's a super bright orange neon and then I put on two coats of 45.  45 is a sheer jelly flakie polish when i swatched it , it only took two coats to achieve full coverage. Using the neon orange base doesn't really change it much other than just making it pop a little bit more.  I have to say that for me not being a big orange fan I loved this. Also I'm not a big soda person but looking at these nails really made me want to drink a big ol glass of Orange soda! Once again like always the pics do not do justice to how fun this color is. If you are an orange lover I recommend you add this to your must buy list!! I wish i got a few sunlight pics of this one but i did this late at night and sadly the sun only works the day shift, : ) !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe Nail Art

LOVE!!! Since this polish is gel based I decided I needed a base for it so that's why I went with SH's blazing blue. With this polish costing a really pretty penny I didn't want to use more than I had to. Plus in the past i've eaten up other gels trying to build up the polish, I didn't want to do that with this beauty. But I have to say this is a really good formula you could get away with no base color and it would prob take just 3 coats, but knowing me I'd have to go for 4.
I wanted to make this a little more interesting mani since well this is a pretty special nail polish. I decided to paint silver swirls with Orly's Shine so that when I layered on ATU it would give it that underwater look. I used two coats of ATU for the final result. The swirls really give this manicure the extra depth I was looking for. The glitter looks like it's suspended in a pool of water to me. It may not have the glitter overload look that I've seen in other ATU pics but I'm not missing that at all since the two coats I used have plenty of glitter to make me happy. Looking at it makes me think of a magical underwater fish. Okay I'll stop drooling over how much I love this manicure so I can finish up this post!!
Orly's Shine on top of Sally Hansen's Blazing Blue.
 Indoors with flash

Indoors, not sure if used flash or not

Here I am sporting my mani!! Thought I'd share with you guys how my nails look in proportion to the rest of me.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nail Care Discovery Day on Hautelook

In case you guys did not know or see this yet, Haute look is having a sale on Ginger & Liz polish and Barielle nail care items. Also the Deal of the Day is some interesting Bellapierre shimmer powers, def worth a look i'm debating myself if i should get them. Here's the link... HAUTELOOK

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blazing Blue

Love this color. I usually don't like dark blues and navy colors because they just end up looking too much like black when you wear them but this one has a very pretty light blueish green shimmer that comes alive when light bounces off of it. I did not get a chance to take pics of this color out in the sunlight and for that i am sorry because the pics i have do not translate the beauty this polish has. I picked this color because I needed it as a base for the nail art I did. I'll post that up within a day or so.

close up of tips of nail and bottle, the shimmer in the bottle that you see here was present in the polish when it's dry but it's throughout the nail and not so concentrated looking like it is here

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Here are all my nail polish hauls from this past week. yah i know it's a lot....
So I've been pretty bad about taking pictures of my nail polish purchases. I've also banned my self from buying anymore, which did not last long. So I decided to share these last few ones with you guys since some of you wanted to see more hauls. Two of these came yesterday on Valentine's Day so perfect little gifts for myself, they were ebay purchases and the other is a mix of random buys throughout town and such. Plus i decided to share with you guys one of the packages that came from ebay and how amazing the seller is. I'm also in working on doing an updated stash post... stay tuned for that one.
These were a ebay buy. two separate auctions one seller. Came very quickly and packed very well. my first Nfu-ohs!!! I'm very excited to try them out! 

These are another Ebay buy and this is the haul that goes with the pics below showing how awesome the seller was. This was my 3rd purchase from this seller and every time they are amazing, they always throw in a few extras and you can really tell they package it with love. 

far left my first two Deborah Lippmann polishes, got them from $16 for across the universe and $18 for bad romance, Free shipping, check them out! The Revlon and HD Sally hansen are Big Lots buys. the rest are ulta(yeah finally got matte magic!!!), target ,ross and regis salon buys

This is beyond amazing!! Has to be the best looking package i've ever gotten in the mail!!

Perfect timing for Valentine's Day! I really loved opening the box and seeing this!! KZ are my initials so really nice touch here!! Plus the way i see it both me and my hubby can enjoy this, the nail polish for me and the chocolate for him!
A very nice Thank you card and more jeweled decor!!

Isn't this box Beautiful??? 
Packed very well, I got a little trigger happy and unpacked a few but they were all wrapped and securely packaged!! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

OPI's Most Honorable Red & Wing It!

So the plan was to do a quick swatch of Most honorable red and then take it off and do a holo heart design but I really liked the color so much that I decided to keep it on. It's a lighter red color , sorta looks coral and in some lights it even looks a bit orange. It took three coats for the nail line to completely disappear. Over the weekend I bought Wing it and I thought it would great over this red because of how sheer wing it is. Wing it is a very sheer red based polish with pink and blueish reflective sparkles all through it. In fact it looks really hot pinkish when the light hits it, reminds me a bit of zoya's gilda.  I could not capture how it really looks in the pictures, believe me I tried. I really liked this combo because it's a nice marriage between red and pink in my idea. The hearts I put on were some nail art stickers I had and never thought I would use. Hope you guys have a wonderful day filled with Love!

indoors no flash under "natural" light

Indoors w/flash

Wing it direct sunlight

Wing It indoors no flash
Here are some other ideas I had but decided against. The holo colors are opi ds ruby and opi ds elegance. I was going to use black shatter for hearts but it didn't look like i thought it would. These are all on a fake nail on a fake finger. 
I also did a holo heart version for a smaller finger nail. I'll try to do this from time to time for future designs i do. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dotted nail Art: Empty Box of Chocolates

So I named this manicure the "Empty Box of Chocolates" because that's what it makes me think of when i look at it. hah maybe Valentine's day is on my brain. Anyway I used Sally Hansen's Complete Salon manicure in Gilty pleasure and Raisin the bar for the dots. My Hubby really liked this one, the first thing he said was " Ohhh Classy". Really liked how simple it was and how great it turned out.
indoors w/flash

indoors w/flash
outside overcast day

outside sunlight
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